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  • Antenna Design Calculator   (Gracelen Literal )

    Provided me accurate calculation. Very good effort.

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus   (Yuna Park )

    It's powerful and gives complete pc security. You get what you paid for.

  • Convert PDF to Word Plus   (Stellar)

    Nice little app helps convert PDF to word in batch.

  • Export Outlook OST File to PST Free   (Daniell Esteel)

    This is best application for bulk OST data conversion. You can convert large .ost file to pst format very easily.

  • PartitionGuru Free   (Alexander)

    This one is not as powerful as pro version, I recommend to upgrading pro version which is very helpful for recovering files.

  • Foxit Reader   (Liu )

    Very lightweight and flexible, load pages faster than adobe reader.

  • LoMag Warehouse Management   (Dommy )

    Amazing progarm, really it is very easy of use

  • Kingo Android ROOT   (Mark)

    If you need to root your android phones easily then this is the perfect tool. It's very easy to operate.

  • MD5 Tool   (Miro)

    I needed to check authenticity of some files. This lightweight and handy too helped to do that. Very useful tool.

  • EZ Speak   (Kuro)

    For having fluency in English speaking this software is really helpful.

Cubase Prot

From Title
1.  Course For cubase 6.5 - New Features In cubase 6.5 - Mobile/Music
... 64 bit cubase 6.5 is here with its new synths: Retrologue and Padshop. Theres also a new Comping tool and some very cool new effects plugins. So join cubase 'Commander' Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, your captain on flight cubase 6.5, to learn whats new... Steinberg has done it again with this new and improved version of their awesome music creation DAW, and our in-house expert, Matthew Hepworth guides you through an exploration of all the new features that have been added to cubase 6.5. Whether ...

2.  prot-On - Security/Encryption Tools
... prot-On is an application that allows you to protect, manage and track the use of all kinds of files that are shared on the Internet, by e-mail or through a cloud service. Control all existing copies: with prot-On youT+re in control of the copies that you share or that are made of your files. You can track who, how and when accessed your files regardless of where they are stored. Protect your information and all of your documents: You can protect photos, MS Office and PDF documents as well as ...
3.  F-prot Antivirus for Windows - Security/Anti-Virus Tools
... F-prot Antivirus for Windows, built on the award-winning F-prot Antivirus scanning engine, is one of the most advanced antivirus software applications on the market today. Fast, reliable and easy to use, F-prot Antivirus for Windows provides users with automatic realtime detection and removal of viruses, worms and trojans from files and e-mails, as well as offering the option of scheduling specific tasks. New and unknown threats are detected with F-prot Antivirus advanced heuristics technology ...
4.  cubase - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... Bristling with new features and enhancements, cubase 6 is your go-to software for recording, editing, mixing and producing music in all its creative forms. Advanced multitrack editing tools, a new take-comping system and a revolutionary approach to MIDI form the center of a next-generation production environment, while the refined new interface gives faster access and more intuitive control than ever before. Inspiring VST3 effects and instruments like VST Amp Rack and LoopMash 2 fuel your ...
5.  cubase Essential - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... The cubase familiy The cubase family comprises three members: cubase 5, cubase Studio 5 and cubase Essential 5. Each one features our acclaimed crystal-clear 32-bit Steinberg Audio Engine and the latest VST3 and ASIO technologies that will make your cubase experience the best it can be! The feature set of each version was carefully picked and tailored to the individual needs of experienced hit song producers, film composers or aspiring musicians who are craving to record their very first song. ...

6.  cubase Studio - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... The cubase familiy The cubase family comprises three members: cubase 5, cubase Studio 5 and cubase Essential 5. Each one features our acclaimed crystal-clear 32-bit Steinberg Audio Engine and the latest VST3 and ASIO technologies that will make your cubase experience the best it can be! The feature set of each version was carefully picked and tailored to the individual needs of experienced hit song producers, film composers or aspiring musicians who are craving to record their very first song. ...
7.  cubase Elements - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... cubase Elements 6 is the most desirable entryway to the world of cubase. The eminently powerful collection of quality instruments and effects modifies your PC and Mac computer into your personal music production system for crafting compositions to minute detail, making studio-grade recordings for band practices as well as everything in between. And with the same professional user interface and award-winning audio engine as in SteinbergOCOs cubase 6 flagship, the Elements version boasts all the ...
8.  cubase Artist - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... cubase Artist 6.5 is more than simply a DAW engineered to the highest standards. Based on the same core technologies as SteinbergOCOs cubase 6.5, the streamlined Artist version offers great tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing at an exceptional price. cubase Artist 6.5 is the perfect choice for for talented newcomers and seasoned musicians. Top features: * Complete music production system, offering a set of professional audio/MIDI recording, editing, streamlined scoring and ...
9.  Course For cubase Mastering - Mobile/Music
... Make your music productions sound professional and ready for broadcast and distribution! macProVideo is excited to bring another great mastering tutorial to our growing library! Weve explored mastering in Protools and Logic and now were focusing our mastering spotlight on our growing family of cubase musicians and engineers. Mastering is equal parts art and science; Its a crossroads where technology and creativity merge together to form an audio super highway. And who would be better to be ...

Cubase Prot

From Short Description
1.  X-Poly for Mac OS - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... A software synthesizer plugin for Logic, Garage Band and cubase employing a unique form of subtractive synthesis. The concept of the X-Poly is based around two oscillators, each containing four special sub-oscillators spaced one octave apart. Both oscillators can be blended seamlessly between a square and a sawtooth-type waveform and can be freely panned in the stereo field. The six-stage envelopes controlling the amplitudes of the oscillators provide a linear slope for the first five stages and ...
2.  Voxengo Voxformer VST - Multimedia & Design/Music Composers
... Voxformer is a multi-functional vocal channel strip plug-in in VST format (Virtual DJ, FL Studio, SoundForge, cubase, etc). Combining several professional quality processing modules, Voxformer was designed to be a comprehensive solution for all your vocal processing needs - be it a spoken or a sung vocal performance. The coolest feature of Voxformer is its one-knob vocal compressor. Using only a single knob you can get a tight, open and definitive professional vocal sound in no time. You do not ...
3.  4Front TruePianos Piano VSTi - Multimedia & Design/Music Composers
... TruePianos - Virtual Piano VSTi instrument plugin (for use with VSTi, cubase, SONAR ), optimized for realtime performance and an instant gratification of inspiration flow. Use VSTi-enabled host program to run this plugin.It is a generator plugin that generates a piano sound based on the input from a MIDI keyboard.Following our tradition, we have optimized the instruments for a real-time performance. The CPU usage is low even for 96khz host sampling rates, and for advanced polyphony we support ...
4.  Computer - Utilities/System Utilities
... System Information Utility: reports Manufacturer, BIOS, OS, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Chassis, Drives, Mouse, Keyboard, Port Connections, COM, LPT Ports, USB, SCSI, Modem, Audio, Monitor, Video, Printers, Network Settings, System, Network Services, Protocols, Network Adapters, Shared Resources, Drivers, Software Packages, Applications. Output text and Access database files. Discovers network computers. No installation; just run the executable. ...
5.  Instrumental - Mobile/Music
... Instrumental turns your iPad into a flexible MIDI input device that you can use with any MIDI software running on your Mac or Windows PC, such as Reason, Ableton Live, Reaper, cubase, etc. With additional hardware such as IK Multimedias iRig MIDI you can also control MIDI hardware. See the website for demonstration videos and the complete user manual. Instrumental is like a USB piano keyboard, except all the controls have full feedback, text readouts and dynamic labels, and you're not ...

6.  MailZip Pro - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... MailZip Pro is the powerful Microsoft Outlook add-in for managing of attached files. Main features of MailZip Pro: MailZip Pro automatically archives attachments in outgoing messages, unpacks archives in incoming messages and works with password-protected archives. MailZip Pro opens or saves attached files in a selected folder on a local or network drive MailZip Pro allows opening or saving hidden attachments like background pictures. ...
7.  ThunderStor - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... ThunderStor offers the user a simple, fast and effective method to extract ThunderBird Mail from the mail box files to individual standard message files. A command line and windows interface offers the user a clean method to extract, archive and protect your email! You can even automatically extract attachments and reference a plain text list and an html page with links and descriptions! (Trial is limited to 250 max.) ...

Cubase Prot

From Long Description
1.  Massive Audio Compressor - Utilities/Other Utilities
... A massive audio compressor. It can be used to compress folders containing wave files among other files. The monkey's audio compression is performed thanks to the JMAC open source java library. Ideal to compress audio projects as cubase projects. <br>Compress and decompress folder containing wave files<br>Up to the 40% of space saved thanks to the Monkey Audio Format and jMAC libraries<br>Ideal to compress music projects as cubase projects<br>Lossless compression thanks to the ape f ...
2.  Havp HTTP Anti Virus Proxy - Utilities/Other Utilities
... HAVP (HTTP Anti Virus Proxy) is a proxy which scans downloads for viruses with several scanners (e.g. ClamAV, F-prot, Kaspersky, NOD32, Sophos) at the same time. The main aims are continuous, non-blocking downloads and smooth scanning of dynamic and ...
3.  Toki Shot for Windows - Multimedia & Design/Video
... Toki Shot is a tool for creating shot lists, it can be used for breaking down movies, TV films, documentaries, TV series... It is a tool for picture and sound editors, music editors and musicians. It allows the user to: * create an automatic shot list starting from a cut film, each shot will have a start and end time code and a shot length * modify the shot list to add scene names and shot descriptions * synchronize the movie with the sound track played in a music software, using ReWire or Midi ...
4.  LoopMash Free - Mobile/Music
... Take LoopMash for a spin today with LoopMash Free LoopMash is an innovative virtual instrument that presents you with a fun, new way to blend simultaneously up to four two-bar loops together by juggling similar elements across looped beats and tunes. After having made its debut in cubase, Steinbergs renowned music production environment, it is now available on the iOS platform. This free version of LoopMash lets you choose from over 10 presets and 42 included loops to give you a taste of ...
5.  SharpEye - Multimedia & Design/Music Composers
... Scan music with our highly acclaimed music scanning software SharpEye. You can use SharpEye to scan and convert printed sheet music into a music notation file or a MIDI file which can then be imported into a music notation program or MIDI sequencer. This process is called music OCR by analogy with the more common text OCR. SharpEye 2 outputs MIDI, NIFF and MusicXML files which can be opened by various music notation and sequencing programs including MagicScore, Finale, Sibelius and cubase. ...
6.  Midi Studio Pro - Mobile/Music
... App is rated as a Killer App by Apps4iDevices Midi Studio is a modular MIDI control surface for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad.It supports sending CoreMidi messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol for sending and receiving MIDI messages.The application allows to remote control and receive feedback from software and hardware that implement the MIDI protocols such as Apple Logic Pro/Express, Ableton Live, Max for Live, cubase, Pro Tools, FL Loops and many others.The interface provides a ...
7.  CLC Protein Workbench - Educational/Science
... CLC Protein Workbench provides a wide range of advanced protein analyses, and is based on the same user-friendly and integrated software environment as CLC Free Workbench.This 2 x 2 weeks of fully functional demo includes a vast amount of advanced protein sequence analyses - all analyses are integrated in one single user-friendly and intuitive software application. Some analyses are - Integrated 3D molecular viewer- 2 types of alignments - Phylogenetics - Secondary protein structure prediction - ...
8.  Virtual Audio Cable - Multimedia & Design/Rippers & Converters
... VAC is intended to connect several audio applications together in real time. It's like a sound card with hardwired input and output: when an application sends an audio stream to a virtual cable, other applications can record this stream from the other cable end. Thus, you can record and process output of almost any audio application by almost any other audio application. VAC operates like TotalRecorder but is more universal. Use it to create a chains of software synthesizers (Generator, ...
9.  PitchCraft EZ for Mac OS - Multimedia & Design/Audio
... Corrects pitch problems in vocal or instrumental recordings. Its high-quality algorithm corrects pitch, while formant correction retains the voices natural sound. PitchCraft EZ can also be used for creating special effects, such as those used by many of todays most popular artists aâ¬â as well as voice disguise, changing an adults voice into a childs voice, aâ¬sgender transformationaâ¬t and a wealth of other creative possibilities.Features:aâ¬â Create popular voice-based special effects- ...
10.  AC-7 Core - Mobile/Music
... *** This is the AC-7 Core version suitable for first generation iPads. If you have an iPad 2 or newer, our newer iOS6-only app "AC-7 Core HD" would be a better choice. *** IOS 5 and 6 tested and working. Make sure your network MIDI settings are correct like the screenshot below. The AC7-Core is a wireless/wired control surface utilizing CoreMIDI for simple setup and reliable operation. There are dedicated modes for controlling: Apple's Logic Pro Tools MOTU's Digital Performer (v6.02 ...

Cubase Prot

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