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Bank Check Font

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IDAutomation MICR Check Design Application

IDAutomation MICR Check Design Application 6.8

Published: Aug 21, 2006
Easily design, create and print MICR bank checks and labels with this WYSIWYG Bank Check Printing Design Software. Includes MICR fonts, security fonts for printing secure names and amounts, calibration software and placement instructions.

Tags: Bank Check Design - Check Design Software - E13-b - Micr Fonts - Print Micr
Price: $139.00 (Demo) Size: 779.0 KB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download

IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage

IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage 13.7

Published: Jul 17, 2013
The IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage includes high quality MICR fonts at various widths and intensities, security fonts for printing secure data, calibration software, placement instructions and bank check printing application.

Tags: Bank Checks - E-13b - E13-b - E13b - Micr - Micr Font - Secure - Security
Price: $139.00 (Demo) Size: 5.1 MB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download

Word-It 1.0

Published: Jul 09, 2012
Word-It is a small utility which converts numbers to words, it is very handy when it is needed to write your bank check with ease, no more spelling or wrong writing.

Tags: Accounting - Bank - Check - Finincial - Number - Repo - Words
Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 972.8 KB Site: (Ancient Software) More info Download
IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts

IDAutomation MICR CMC-7 Fonts 6.9

Published: Jul 23, 2007
IDAutomation's MICR CMC-7 font is used on bank checks in Mexico, France, Brazil, Spain and most Spanish speaking countries. This CMC7 MICR font contains five special symbols and ten specially designed numeric characters 0 through 9.

Tags: 7 - Character Recognition - Check Printing - Check Symbols - Cmc - Cmc 7 - Cmc-7 - Cmc-7 Encoding - Cmc-7 Fonts - Cmc7
Price: $99.00 (Demo) Size: 469.5 KB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download
IDAutomation Security Fonts

IDAutomation Security Fonts 7.2

Published: Mar 19, 2012
Security Fonts are used to securely print text, names and currency amounts on highly secure documents, such as a bank check, in a manner that can not be easily altered and can prevent forgery.

Tags: Bank Checks - Bank Fonts - Secure Font - Security Fonts
Price: $79.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.9 MB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download
IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage for Mac OS

IDAutomation MICR E13B Font Advantage for Mac OS 10.5

Published: Aug 17, 2012
This professional grade package includes a single precise MICR E-13B font that usually avoids the need to calibrate the font to the printer, calibration software for printers that are out of alignment, 24 additional MICR fonts at various widths and i

Tags: Advantage - E13b - Font - Idautomation - Micr
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.7 MB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download
PrecisionID MICR Fonts

PrecisionID MICR Fonts 2012

Published: Dec 17, 2012
MICR Fonts for printing bank checks with magnetic toner.

Tags: Bank Check Font - E 13b - E-13b - E13 B - E13-b - E13b - Micr - Micr Printing
Price: $95.00 (Shareware) Size: 929.0 KB Site: (PrecisionID) More info Download
PrecisionID MICR E13B Fonts

PrecisionID MICR E13B Fonts 2.1

Published: Apr 05, 2006
This MICR font package contains one multi-purpose MICR E13B font and 10 additional variations of this font which include light, bold, wide and narrow versions. All of these fonts are provided in both TrueType and PostScript format. We also provide pl

Tags: Bank Check Font - E 13b - E-13b - E13 B - E13-b - E13b - Micr - Micr Printing
Price: $85.00 (Demo) Size: 519.0 KB Site: (PrecisionID) More info Download
IDAutomation Check Printing Software

IDAutomation Check Printing Software 2010

Published: Jun 13, 2012
Easily design, create and print business bank checks with the IDAutomation MICR Check Printing Software.

Tags: Bank Check Design - Check Design Software - Cheque Printing - Micr Bank Check
Price: $139.00 (Shareware) Size: 23.4 MB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download
IDAutomation MICR Font Advantage

IDAutomation MICR Font Advantage 4.9

Published: Feb 28, 2013
Our MICR E-13B Font Advantage Package is much more then a few MICR fonts.

Price: $99.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.3 MB Site: (, Inc.) More info Download
Cheque Printing Software ChequePRO

Cheque Printing Software ChequePRO 7.0.3

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Cheque Printing software helps to print on any bank Cheque / Check - ChequePRO

Tags: Bank Cheques - Cheque Printing - Cheque Printing Application - Cheque Printing Software - Cheque Writer Application - Cheque Writer Injet Printer - Cheque Writer Laser Printer - Cheque Writer System - Cheque Writer Users - Chequepro - Cheque Printing System
Price: $60.00 (Shareware) Size: 22.2 MB Site: (Advanced & Best Technologies Pte Ltd) More info Download
ezCheckPersonal Check Printing Software

ezCheckPersonal Check Printing Software 2.0.9

Published: Dec 02, 2012
ezCheckPersonal is a personal check designing and check printing software for personal use. ezCheckPersonal saves your money on checks. ezCheckPersonal will work with blank 3 or 4 checks per computer check paper with 8-1/2" X 11" size.

Tags: Bank Checks - Banking - Check Printing - Check Software - Finance - Laser Check - Micr Check - Micr Checks - Print Check
Price: $29.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.0 MB Site: ( More info Download
AshSofDev Check Register

AshSofDev Check Register

Published: Nov 12, 2012
AshSofDev Check Register is very similar to the check register the bank gives yo

Tags: Bank - Check Register - Checks - Financial
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.4 MB Site: (AshSofDev) More info Download
ezCheckPrinting - Check Write & Print

ezCheckPrinting - Check Write & Print

Published: Jul 16, 2012
ezCheckPrinting is a MICR check designing and printing software for any size business.

Tags: Accounting - Bank Checks - Check Design - Check Filling - Check Management - Check Printing - Check Writing Software - Free Check Printing Software - Paycheck - Payroll
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.2 MB Site: ( More info Download
Perfect Bank Icons

Perfect Bank Icons 2011.2

Published: Jun 24, 2011
Enhance an accounting package or banking software with appealing graphics. Perfect Bank Icons represent numerous concepts and symbols related to accounting and banking, including currencies, financial symbols, files, customers, and more.

Tags: Bank - Book-keeping - Business - Coin - Dollar - Icon - Icons - Money - Ready - Toolbar
Price: $99.95 (Demo) Size: 5.6 MB Site: (Aha-Soft) More info Download
CheckPrixa MICR E13B Font

CheckPrixa MICR E13B Font 1.24

Published: Feb 07, 2012
CheckPrixa MICR E13B Font is a special font that is developed for printing checks with a laser printer and magnetic ink. Automate check printing by incorporating CheckPrixa MICR E13B Font into your existing infrastructure.

Tags: Check Printing - E13b - Font - Micr - Micr E13b
Price: $99.00 (Commercial) Size: 521.7 KB Site: (MICRE13B.COM) More info Download
ConnectCode MICR CMC7 Font

ConnectCode MICR CMC7 Font 4.0

Published: Apr 24, 2013
ConnectCode MICR CMC7 is a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition font based on the CMC7 industry standard for cheque printing. CMC7 is a widely accepted standard throughout Europe, South America and many other countries.

Tags: Check Printing - Cheque Printing - Cheques - Cmc-7 - Cmc7 - Micr - Micr Cmc-7 - Micr Cmc7 Font
Price: $69.00 (Commercial) Size: 1.6 MB Site: (ConnectCode Pte Ltd) More info Download
TechnoRiver MICR Font

TechnoRiver MICR Font 1.0

Published: Mar 27, 2012
TechnoRiver MICR Font (TrueType) allows you to print the digits and special characters of a check.

Tags: Check Printing - Check Scanning - Cheque Printing - E13-b - E13b - Micr Font - Micr Fonts
Price: $89.00 (Commercial) Site: (TechnoRiver Pte Ltd) More info Download
Font MICR BankenScribe

Font MICR BankenScribe 1 1

Published: Aug 03, 2012
BankenScribe MICR Font for E13B is based on the ISO 1004 standard.

Tags: Check Processing - E13b - E13b Font - Font Micr - Micr Font
Price: $90.00 (Commercial) Size: 1.1 MB Site: ( More info Download
Manage My Fonts

Manage My Fonts 1.0.2010

Published: Mar 19, 2012
It helps the administrator or user of a computer to install, activate or deactivate, delete and generally manage font files on a computer.

Tags: Best Free Font Manager - Font Management System - Font Management Tools - Free Font Manager - Free Windows Font Manager - Windows Xp Font Management
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 614.4 KB Site: (Fonts Manager Download) More info Download
ConnectCode MICR E13B Font

ConnectCode MICR E13B Font 3.0

Published: Jul 10, 2011
ConnectCode MICR E13B is a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition font based on the E13B industry standard.

Tags: Check Printing - Cheque Printing - Cheques - E13b - Micr - Micr E13b - Micr Font
Price: $79.00 (Commercial) Size: 1.7 MB Site: (ConnectCode Pte Ltd) More info Download
Blood Bank Management System

Blood Bank Management System 5.0

Published: May 21, 2012
Netripples Blood Bank Management System is a Complete Blood Bank Management Solution that covers all the activities of a blood bank.

Tags: Bbms - Blood Bank Management System - Blood Bank Software Free - Free Blood Bank Software
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 51.2 KB Site: (Netripples Software Group) More info Download
ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack

ConnectCode Barcode Font Pack 9.6

Published: Apr 06, 2013
ConnectCode Barcode Fonts is a barcode software and fonts (True Type and Open Type) package designed for use in modern operating systems. It allows the creation of different types of barcodes by simply selecting a font in the text editor.

Tags: .net Barcode Sdk - Android Barcode - Barcode Font - Barcode Fonts - Barcode Software - Barcode Web Font - Crystal Reports Barcode - Excel Barcode - Java Barcode - Javascript Barcode
Price: $149.00 (Commercial) Size: 12.1 MB Site: (ConnectCode Pte Ltd) More info Download
PrecisionID Code 39 Barcode Font Package

PrecisionID Code 39 Barcode Font Package 4.0

Published: May 29, 2012
The Code 39 Barcode Font Package contains 6 sizes of TrueType and PostScript fonts, each supplied in normal and text readable format.

Tags: Barcode 3 9 - Barcode 39 - Barcode Fonts - Code 3 Of 9 - Code 39 - Code 39 Barcode Font - Code-39 - Code39 - Logmars
Price: $95.00 (Shareware) Size: 901.1 KB Site: (PrecisionID) More info Download
My bank account

My bank account 2005

Published: Mar 28, 2006
Manage easily and safely your personal bank accounts (accounting) It is complete software for bank account management and personal assistant. His user friendly-interface makes it a simple, powerful, fast and safe tool. The input of transactions is ma

Tags: Account - Accountancy - Accounting - Accounting Software - Bank - Bank Account - Countable - Free - Soft
Price: $23.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.1 MB Site: (Emjysoft) More info Download
Compass Collectibles Bank Notes

Compass Collectibles Bank Notes 3.02

Published: May 03, 2012
The software caters for 9 collections Bank Notes, Coins, Stamps, Pins, Stamps & First Day Covers, Badges & Patches, Medals, Bottles, Jars and Jugs, Books and DVD'sWeb Site CreationCompass Collectables allows you to easily design and maintain a websit

Tags: Bank - Collectable S - Collectibles - Collecting - Collection - Compass - Database - Index - Note - Numismatic
Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 13.6 MB Site: (Mathers IT) More info Download
FaceCode Password Bank vV-1

FaceCode Password Bank vV-1

Published: Dec 07, 2005
A perfect product to all computer users tired from typing in usernames and passwords. FaceCode Password Bank is user friendly face recognition password management software, using advance face recognition technology to automatically log you on to your

Tags: Application - Automatic - Easy Access - Face Recognition - Filler - Password Bank - Protection - Security - Url - User
Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Size: 20.3 MB Site: (Recognix Technologies LTD) More info Download
Franklin Bank Alone

Franklin Bank Alone 1.0

Published: Jan 25, 2013
Franklin Bank Alone is an interesting adventure game for free.

Tags: Adventure - Alone - Bank - Franklin - Puzzle
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.5 MB Site: ( More info Download
DiskFonts font viewer

DiskFonts font viewer 1.2

Published: Jul 28, 2012
Unique font manager inside Adobe Creative Suite software (PS/AI/ID/etc).

Tags: Calligraphy - Compare Fonts - Design - Desktop Publishing - Dreamweaver - Font Browser - Font Manager - Font Viewer - Fonts - Graphic
Price: $29.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.8 MB Site: (Anastasiy Plugins) More info Download
Font Runner x64

Font Runner x64

Published: Apr 20, 2012
Font Runner is a font manager for Windows targeted at artists and graphic designers.

Tags: Font - Font Cataloguer - Font Manager - Font Viewer - Truetype - Viewer
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 14.5 MB Site: (John Famiglietti) More info Download

Bank Check Font

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