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  • Encrypt my Folder   (Raino)

    It's old and never updated since they released it. You can use it only 20 times before purchasing, and the website for...

  • Wall Street Raider   (Ludvig)

    Interface was complicated to use, some popular stock symbols I entered shows 'Company not available'. Very confusing game.

  • BootRacer   (Iiro)

    I use it to see if my pc booting normally or taking long time. So far it helps me great.

  • Weeny Free Audio Cutter   (Tekle )

    Very easy to use, just select the start time and end time of a audio file and it will cut it conveniently. Great app.

  • Phone-lost/stolen Alerter   (Albert)

    My tecno H5 phone was stolen this morning and I wanted to block it with this program but it won't work.

  • AirMyPC   (Jack)

    Finally Perfect solution to view my documents that are saved on my Windows PC on my big TV screen using the AppleTV.

  • Snappy Bird   (Ravn)

    I love playing it on my phone. Very addictive.

  • WinMend File Copy   (Robin)

    Usable software, accessing it is a bit time consuming. Please add hotkey support if you could.

  • Keyboard & Mouse Locker   (Elias)

    Working fine as it should, very easy to use it.

  • Free Slideshow Maker   (Hron)

    It has also installed some kind of toolbar to show ads.


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Bargain Hunter

Bargain Hunter 2.5

Published: Sep 26, 2008
Auction Bargain Hunter really makes life easier when shopping online.

Price: $27.00 (Shareware) Size: 36.0 KB Site: ( More info Download

Bargain Price Refueling

Bargain Price Refueling 1. 1. 2002

Published: Aug 28, 2012
Save money by comparing fuel prices and refueling always at the cheapest gas station.

Tags: Bargain - Car - Car Costs - Costs - Fuel - Gas Station - Price - Refueling
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.4 MB Site: ( More info Download
Texas Apartments

Texas Apartments 1.0

Published: Mar 13, 2013
Texas apartments bargain hunting ebook

Tags: Apartment Bargain - Ebook - Ebook Generator - Texas Apartments
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 424.0 KB Site: (Texas Apartments) More info Download
Price Pirates

Price Pirates

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Sensational bargain hunter for eBay with support for the Spanish version on the web.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 5.7 MB Site: ( More info Download

mYspike 3.0

Published: Sep 25, 2008
mYspike is a tool for the bargain which is sought in eBay and other auctions.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 17.4 MB Site: (Matthias Kwiedor) More info Download
SavingBot Shopper

SavingBot Shopper

Published: Jul 30, 2012
SavingBot Shopper is online shopping tool and agent, getting the better-price product, discount, bargain, coupon information of shopping mall.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.1 MB Site: (Adamsmith Inc.) More info Download
Paragon Last Minute Gebot

Paragon Last Minute Gebot 1.69

Published: Dec 18, 2012
Paragon Last Minute Bidder is the bargain hunter of the year for all fans of eBay?

Price: $0.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.8 MB Site: (Paragon Hi-Tech Ltd) More info Download
eSearch for eBay

eSearch for eBay 2.0

Published: Dec 16, 2012
Finds rare and bargain eBay auction items!

Price: $18.00 (Shareware) Size: 149.0 KB Site: (MazePath Software) More info Download
AuctionVision for eBay

AuctionVision for eBay 3 3

Published: Sep 09, 2012
Powerful Search Technology for eBay PowerBuyers!

Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Site: (AuctionVision) More info Download
Foreclosure Solutions Chp-1

Foreclosure Solutions Chp-1 1.0

Published: Feb 06, 2013
Stop Foreclosure and Get Peace of Mind Now Get experts working on your behalf to help you settle with the bank in your favor and keep your home.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 458.0 KB Site: (Help To Stop Foreclosure) More info Download
BargainChecker misspelled eBay Toolbar

BargainChecker misspelled eBay Toolbar 3.0

Published: Oct 06, 2006
Searches eBay for misspelled items and provides useful eBay shortcuts and links for buying, selling and more. Every day 1000`s of items are listed on eBay with misspelled or badly written titles. The BargainChecker toolbar searches for these misspell

Tags: Bargainchecker - Ebay Bargain Checker - Ebay Misspelled - Ebay Typo Finder - Mispelled Ebay Items - Mispelled Search Engine - Mispelt Auctions - Mispelt Items - Mispelt Search Engine - Misspelled Auctions
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 336.0 KB Site: (BargainChecker) More info Download
SaleHoo Alert

SaleHoo Alert 1.1.4

Published: Jan 25, 2007
SaleHoo Alert is free eBay monitoring software that automates your favorite wholesale searches and instantly notifies you when new wholesale listings appear on eBay. It gives you the chance to be first to grab wholesale lots when they are listed!

Tags: Auction Software - Ebay - Ebay Freeware - Ebay Software - Freeware - Salehoo Alert - Wholesale Alerts - Wholesale Software
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.8 MB Site: (SaleHoo Group Limited) More info Download
Time Utility

Time Utility 1

Published: Mar 27, 2007
Time utility is the most practical,most usefull,most easiest to use software device of it's kind.Use the ever relaible alarm clock and appointment keeper/Calendar for maximum benefit!

Tags: Alarm Clock - Appointments - Calendar - Diary
Price: $14.99 (Shareware) Size: 23.4 KB Site: (netneonstar) More info Download


Published: Nov 04, 2007
This free price comparison tool is checking prices at thousands of online stores in the US, the UK and Germany against auctions on eBay. Pricepirates allows to observe interesting auction on a separate watchlist and reminds of auctions closing soon.

Tags: Bargain - Bargains - Ebay - Freeware - Internet - Online Auctions - Online Store - Price Compare - Price Comparison - Price Pirates Amazon
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 5.7 MB Site: (Buyertools Ltd. (PP)) More info Download
Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner 1.13.03

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner detects a multitude of spyware, adware, foistware, trojan, keylogger and trackware components; sources of irritation that antivirus software does not deal with.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 727.0 KB Site: (Kephyr) More info Download

AuctionVision 3.14

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Snipe Bidding wins auctions -- AuctionVision wins Bargains!

Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Size: 1.9 MB Site: ( More info Download

Ezgrader 1.03.1

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Stamp Grading Software - EzGrader - with stamp perforation measurement as well.

Price: $39.99 (Commercial) Size: 980.0 KB Site: (Softpro 2010 Inc.) More info Download
Database Toolbar Icons

Database Toolbar Icons 2008.3

Published: Sep 26, 2008
Database applications don't have to be boring!

Price: $99.95 (Demo) Size: 3.2 MB Site: (Aha-Soft) More info Download
NolaPro Free Web-Based Accounting

NolaPro Free Web-Based Accounting 4.0

Published: Apr 10, 2009
NolaPro is a free, web-based ERP, Accounting and Inventory Suite. Install on your own PC for secure access via the web. No user/data restrictions, nag screens, or expiration. Customization available to fit NolaPro to your business or industry.

Tags: Accounting - Based - Business - Erp - Free - Free Accounting - Inventory - Linux - On-demand - Saas
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 40.1 MB Site: (Noguska LLC) More info Download
Happy Tab Bar Icons

Happy Tab Bar Icons 2.0

Published: Feb 26, 2012
The collection of Happy Tab Bar Icons brings more than 1200 high-resolution images for iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices. iOS developers will find everything they need to design standard-compliant navigation bars, toolbars and tab bars for iOS devices.

Tags: Apple Icons - Collection - Happy Tab Bar Icons - Ico - Icon - Icons - Ipad Icons - Iphone Icons - Set - Stock
Price: $99.00 (Shareware) Size: 23.7 MB Site: (Happy Icon Studio) More info Download
1x2 Games Bingo

1x2 Games Bingo 1.2.0

Published: Feb 02, 2013
Enjoy the best collection of free bingo games including 90 Ball, 80 Ball, 75 Ball and 75 Ball Pattern Bingo games, Multi-Variant Bingo and Joker Jackpot Bingo. Play free just for fun or play for real with the world's most trusted online bingo site.

Tags: 90 Ball Bingo - Best Bingo - Bingo - Bingo Download - Bingo Game - Bingo Games - Bingo Program - Bingo Software - Free Games - Jackpot
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 500.6 KB Site: (1x2 Games) More info Download
Tab Bar Icons with Source Vector Files

Tab Bar Icons with Source Vector Files 2012

Published: Sep 11, 2012
The collection of Tab Bar Icons with Source Vector Files brings more than 1200 high-resolution images for iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices. iOS developers will find everything they need to design navigation bars, toolbars and tab bars for iOS devices.

Tags: Apple Icons - Collection - Ico - Icon - Icons - Ipad Icons - Iphone Icons - Set - Stock - Stock Icons
Price: $99.00 (Shareware) Size: 26.3 MB Site: (Tab Bar Icons) More info Download
Cloca clock alarm

Cloca clock alarm 1.0

Published: May 16, 2012
How easy to forget whats important and pay an awful price.

Tags: Alarm - Analog - Chimes - Clock - Computer Time Clock - Digital Clock - Download Clock - Remember - Shareware - Timer
Price: $35.00 (Shareware) Size: 28.9 MB Site: (Cygnus systems) More info Download
PicaSafe Express Photo Album

PicaSafe Express Photo Album 2.0

Published: Aug 02, 2012
Do you want to know how you can find photos you need on your hard drive in a matter of few seconds?

Tags: Crypt Fotos - Crypt Photos - Encrypt Fotos - Encrypt Photos - Password Fotos - Password Photos - Password Protect Fotos - Password Protect Photos - Private Fotos - Private Images
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.4 MB Site: (LuckyIcon Art, LLC) More info Download
Wall Street Raider

Wall Street Raider 7.51

Published: Jul 09, 2014
A highly sophisticated financial / stock market game and simulation in which you trade, invest and finagle in simulated 'live' environment. NOW INCLUDES FUTURES AND OPTIONS TRADING, interest rate swaps (derivatives) and trading of ETF's.

Tags: Business - Education - Finance - Games - Investing - Investment - Ronin - Simulations - Stocks - Strategy
Price: $21.95 (Shareware) Size: 2.2 MB Site: (Ronin Software) More info Download

Web20Graphics 2.2

Published: Mar 18, 2012
Web 2.0 Images, Icons, Templates, Graphics, Mini-sites, Fonts & More. The Web20graphics package is a complete webmasters toolkit like no other!. Custom designed web 2.0 graphics combined with top of the range website templates make this an essential addition to ANY webmasters collection. This package has just about everything you would ever need to create stunning web 2,0 compliant websites. Not only this but the graphics will work on any website 2.0 or older!. The best thing about...

Tags: Glossy Images - Marketing Graphics - Marketing Images - Web 2 0 Graphics - Web 2 0 Icons - Web 2 0 Images - Web 2 0 Templates - Webmaster Graphics - Webmaster Images - Website Graphics
Price: $14.99 (Shareware) Size: 18.9 MB Site: ( More info Download
Goofbay Toolbar

Goofbay Toolbar 2.0

Published: May 18, 2012
Every day 1000's of items are listed on eBay with miss-spelled or badly written titles.

Tags: Auction - Bargain - Bid - Bidding - Checker - Ebay - Feedback - Finder - Free - Hidden
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 450.6 KB Site: (Goofbay) More info Download
Deal Hunter

Deal Hunter 1.4.6

Published: Aug 01, 2012
Deal Hunter is an essential tool to help you find any product on eBay within the price limit you set.

Tags: Alerts - Bargain - Deals - Ebay - Low Price
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (RmYm Investments) More info Download
Sherlock Spy Suite

Sherlock Spy Suite

Published: Apr 16, 2012
Sherlock Spy Suite is a computer program that can monitor, record, and transmit everything a user does in their computer.

Tags: Keylogger - Keystroke - Record Keystroke - Recorder - System Keylogger - System Monitor
Price: $59.95 (Shareware) Size: 7.9 MB Site: (John Lyratzakis) More info Download
Cards Plus

Cards Plus 1.0

Published: Mar 27, 2012
Cards Plus combines two award winning programs into one low priced high value package.

Price: $10.98 (Shareware) Site: (Grant & Capizzi) More info Download


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