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  • Bigasoft iMovie Converter for Mac   (August)

    Performing well. It works on OS X Yosemite too.

  • Power MP3 WMA Free Converter 2010   (Wang )

    Awesome stuff. Fast download and very easy to use.

  • Free Slideshow Maker   (Booker )

    Worked well for me. But remember to decline the permission to install third party tools while installing this software.

  • Visual Fractal   (Hardik)

    Many thanks to the developer, awesome work. It's very powerful fractal software that solved my problem.

  • Surf Anonymous Free   (Hanso)

    It did nothing to my PC. I could see my real IP by searching online.

  • Daidze   (Jose Antonio )

    Excellent simple and free pos and invoicing software

  • Free Hide IP   (Winny)

    For me, it works great. Once in a while though, it says it is working and checking with I.P. Chicken, you find it is not,...

  • Q4Search   (John)

    It's simple to use and really fast! Highly recommended.

  • Cyber Internet Cafe Software - Internet Caffe   (Jayprakash)

    I really like it. V8 has more functions than previous version. They have great customer support also.

  • PCFerret   (Jeff)

    I have used this to generate passwords which worked pretty well.


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Workbook Comparison Tool

Workbook Comparison Tool 2.5.0

Published: Aug 14, 2012
WCT (Workbook Comparison Tool) is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel.

Tags: Compare Worksheet - Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet Comparison - Workbook - Workbook Comparison - Workbook Comparison Tool - Worksheet
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Spreadsheet Tools) More info Download

SQL Uniform Data Comparison and SQL Query

SQL Uniform Data Comparison and SQL Query 2.1.1

Published: Feb 18, 2013
SQL Uniform is a database comparison and SQL query software

Tags: Data Browser - Data Compare - Data Comparison - Database - Database Compare - Database Comparison - Db2 - Driver - Export - Ibm
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 33.7 MB Site: (SQL Uniform Software Team) More info Download

SQLMatcher 2.3 Release 4 Build 896

Published: Sep 08, 2012
SQLMatcher's primary use is as a SQL comparison tool.

Tags: Comparer - Database Schema - Database Schema Comparison - Database Synchronization - Sql Comparison - Sqlmatcher - Synchronizer
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (BerryWare) More info Download
Portable ExamDiff

Portable ExamDiff

Published: Jun 09, 2012
ExamDiff is a freeware Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/2008 tool for visual file comparison.

Tags: Compare - Compare Dialog - Comparer - Comparison - Comparison Tool - File Comparer
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (PrestoSoft LLC) More info Download

DiffDaff 1.0

Published: Jun 01, 2006
DiffDaff enables easy comparison of files, folder comparison and the detection of differences between two web pages. DiffDaff shows the differences line by line. The variations are classified as changes, deleted, non-existing, and identical content.

Tags: Compare Files - Differences In Web Pages - Directory Comparison - File Compare - File Compare Program - File Comparison Download - Folder Compare
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 454.0 KB Site: (cyberpromote Suchmaschinenoptimierung) More info Download
WinDataReflector Free 64 bit

WinDataReflector Free 64 bit 1.3.2

Published: Sep 29, 2013
WinDataReflector is a lightweight file synchronization and backup tool that wraps up fast file comparison and transfer algorithms into a simple and clear interface that offers you visual comparison of files and folders before synchronizing...

Tags: Compression - File Sync - Folder Backup - Folder Sync - Folder Synchronization - Visual Comparison
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.6 MB Site: (Veridium Software) More info Download
WinDataReflector Free

WinDataReflector Free 1.3.2

Published: Sep 28, 2013
WinDataReflector is a lightweight file synchronization and backup tool that wraps up fast file comparison and transfer algorithms into a simple and clear interface that offers you visual comparison of files and folders before synchronizing...

Tags: Compression - File Sync - Folder Backup - Folder Sync - Folder Synchronization - Visual Comparison
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.2 MB Site: (Veridium Software) More info Download
RAV4 360 Comparison App 2013

RAV4 360 Comparison App 2013 1.0

Published: Oct 02, 2014
The 2013 Toyota RAV4 360 Comparison app is an interactive competitive comparison that allows you to explore the key features of the 2013 RAV4 and see how it compares to its nearest competitors. The app contains 360-degree photography and ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 67.8 MB Site: (Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.) More info Download


Published: Apr 13, 2012
Schema comparison is an important and useful way to know the difference specially when schema upgrade is done and compare it with referene version to ensure that upgrade was successful.

Tags: Compare - Compare Databases - Comparison - Database Compare - Oracle Comparison - Schema
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (RLATechSoft) More info Download
Deep Diff

Deep Diff 1.5.00

Published: Mar 26, 2012
Deep Diff is a professional file comparison application.

Tags: Compare - Compare Files - Compare Folders - Comparison - Deep Diff - File Comparison - Similarity
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Deep Cold Software) More info Download
Model Comparison Testing Engine (MCTest)

Model Comparison Testing Engine (MCTest) 1.0

Published: May 23, 2012
The Model Comparison Testing Engine (MCTest) is a research model-driven engineering tool.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 146.1 KB Site: ( More info Download
DiffImg Portable

DiffImg Portable 1.4.0

Published: Feb 07, 2013
Designed as an Open Source simple image comparison instrument

Tags: Compare - Compare Image - Comparison - Difference - Image Comparison - Image Difference
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 8.1 MB Site: (xbee) More info Download


Published: Nov 04, 2007
This free price comparison tool is checking prices at thousands of online stores in the US, the UK and Germany against auctions on eBay. Pricepirates allows to observe interesting auction on a separate watchlist and reminds of auctions closing soon.

Tags: Bargain - Bargains - Ebay - Freeware - Internet - Online Auctions - Online Store - Price Compare - Price Comparison - Price Pirates Amazon
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 5.7 MB Site: (Buyertools Ltd. (PP)) More info Download
K Database Magic

K Database Magic

Published: Mar 15, 2014
Database Desktop, SQL manager, merge data, data comparison and many more function in one software. Searching datas by barcode scanner. Viewing/Editing data in tables. Multiple database connections. Export data to four formats.

Tags: Data Comparison - Database Desktop - Edit - Export - Merge Data - Search - Sql Manager
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.3 MB Site: ( More info Download
ABC/HR Audio Comparison Tool

ABC/HR Audio Comparison Tool 0.2

Published: Jun 19, 2012
ABC/HR is an audio comparison tool that allows users to self-conduct double-blind listening tests of digital audio codecs.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 89.8 KB Site: ( More info Download
Balance Comparison Scoring System

Balance Comparison Scoring System 1.0

Published: May 29, 2012
The Balance Comparison Scoring System's unique measuring and reckoning structure compares user interactions with overall schematic methods.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 280.4 KB Site: ( More info Download
Price Comparison Script - Kaon Softwares

Price Comparison Script - Kaon Softwares 1.1

Published: Oct 22, 2014
The iPhone version of the famous price comparison shopping website.Search for products and compare before you shop for best prices.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 9.6 MB Site: (Kaon Softwares) More info Download
Comparison Car Hire

Comparison Car Hire 1.2

Published: Nov 05, 2014
Comparison Car Hire finds the best car hire deals available at many locations around the world. Simply enter your rental dates, pick up and drop off locations and our clever booking engine will check with all the leading car hire suppliers to ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.8 MB Site: (BhLabs) More info Download

CodeCompare 3.00

Published: May 29, 2013
Code Compare is a free powerful tool designed to compare and merge differing files and folders. It can be used as a Visual Studio add-in and as a standalone application. It contains folder synchronization and Code Compare options customization.

Tags: Code Compare - Code Compare Tool - File Compare - File Diff Tool - File Merge - Folder Comparison
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 10.4 MB Site: (Devart) More info Download
Hash Compare

Hash Compare 1.5

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Hash based File Integrity Comparison tool

Tags: Compare Md5 - Compare Sha256 - File Compare - File Integrity - Hash Comparator - Hash Compare - Md5 - Sha1 - Sha256
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.6 MB Site: (SecurityXploded) More info Download


Published: Mar 28, 2012
BinCoMerge (in GNU General Public License Version 3) is a tool to compare and merge binary files in a hexadecimal point of view.

Tags: Compare Binary Files - Comparer - File Comparison - Merge - Merge Binary Files - Merger
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.4 MB Site: (Eric Courtes) More info Download

FreeDiff 1.1.2

Published: Apr 24, 2012
FreeDiff is a free file difference viewer for Windows 95/98/ME - Windows 2000/NT/XP.

Tags: Csdiff - Diff - Ediff - Fc - Fcu - File Compare - Filediff - Free File Comparison Program - Free Software - Free Utility
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.3 MB Site: (Salty Brine Software) More info Download
Image Compare 2

Image Compare 2 1.1

Published: Apr 16, 2012
The Image Compare 2 tool manages to find duplicate images, that can be deleted with a single mouse click.

Tags: Compare - Compare Image - Comparer - Comparison - Image Compare 2 - Image Comparison - Picture Comparison
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Joost de Folter) More info Download
Emerson e-Saver

Emerson e-Saver 1.0.3

Published: Oct 03, 2014
Emerson e-Saver Mobile ApplicationInstant annual cost savings comparison for residential HVAC system replacement optionsEmerson e-Saver provides on-the-go calculations for residential contractors analyzing forced-air HVAC system conversion ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.) More info Download
Katakune Super Baby Flash Cards LITE

Katakune Super Baby Flash Cards LITE 1.4

Published: Oct 08, 2014
'This is definitely the most comprehensive and beautiful set of Flash Cards ever made! Most other flash card apps simply pale in comparison!''What I like about this is the graphics, which are beautiful in comparison to some of the low-budget ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 12.5 MB Site: (Swag Soft LLP) More info Download
MSU Perceptual Video Quality Tool

MSU Perceptual Video Quality Tool 1.0

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Freely available tool for near professional visual comparison tests execution.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 488.0 KB Site: (Graphics&Media Lab Video Group) More info Download
DeltaWalker for Mac OS

DeltaWalker for Mac OS 1.9.1

Published: May 18, 2012
A file and folder comparison and synchronization application/diff tool for Mac OS X that lets you compare, edit and merge files - source, XML, HTML, Office and PDF, ZIPs, JARs, etc.

Tags: Deltawalker
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 40.1 MB Site: (Deltopia) More info Download
NoClone Free - Find Duplicate Files/Emails/Downloads

NoClone Free - Find Duplicate Files/Emails/Downloads 2011-5.1.27d

Published: Jul 04, 2012
NoClone - file management utility software to find and delete TRUE duplicate files Features: * Compare folders * True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC/MD5.

Tags: Clone Master - Clone Spy - Clonemaster - Clonespy - Dedupe - Disk Space Recovery - Double Killer - Doublekiller - Dupeless - Duplicate File
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 5.2 MB Site: (Duplicate File Finder) More info Download

Iside 3.2.1045

Published: Jul 23, 2012
Iside compares files and folders by computing their hash code (MD5,SHA1,CRC32,.

Tags: .md5 - Adler - Crc32 - Fcs - File Folder Comparison Utility - File Integrity Checker - Gost - Hash - Haval - Hmac-sha1
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.6 MB Site: (LittleLite Software) More info Download
Database Comparer 2011 for InterBase and Firebird

Database Comparer 2011 for InterBase and Firebird

Published: Jun 05, 2012
DB Comparer 2011 for InterBase/Firebird is an excellent tool for comparing InterBase/Firebird databases and discovering differences in their structures.

Tags: Compare Interbase - Comparer - Database Comparer 2011 For Interbase And Firebird - Database Comparison - Firebird - Firebird Comparer - Interbase
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (EMS Software Development) More info Download


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