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  • Power MP3 WMA Free Converter 2010   (Wang )

    Awesome stuff. Fast download and very easy to use.

  • Free Slideshow Maker   (Booker )

    Worked well for me. But remember to decline the permission to install third party tools while installing this software.

  • Visual Fractal   (Hardik)

    Many thanks to the developer, awesome work. It's very powerful fractal software that solved my problem.

  • Surf Anonymous Free   (Hanso)

    It did nothing to my PC. I could see my real IP by searching online.

  • Daidze   (Jose Antonio )

    Excellent simple and free pos and invoicing software

  • Free Hide IP   (Winny)

    For me, it works great. Once in a while though, it says it is working and checking with I.P. Chicken, you find it is not,...

  • Q4Search   (John)

    It's simple to use and really fast! Highly recommended.

  • Cyber Internet Cafe Software - Internet Caffe   (Jayprakash)

    I really like it. V8 has more functions than previous version. They have great customer support also.

  • PCFerret   (Jeff)

    I have used this to generate passwords which worked pretty well.

  • The Journal   (Stella)

    It helps me to write my daily journals easily.


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SightRead4Guitar 1.0

Published: Nov 09, 2014
SightRead4Guitar trains the brain and the eye to play new music effectively. Practice tests for examinations especially composed following the published criteria for the graded examinations of the ABRSM.You can purchase 160 especially composed ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 35.2 MB Site: (Wessar International Ltd) More info Download

Colorblind Eye Exam

Colorblind Eye Exam 1.2

Published: Nov 09, 2014
Take this quick color blindness test and find out if your are color deficient, especially in the red and green tones. This application has been approved by a real eye doctor and it is certified to give you an accurate result, especially on retina ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 15.6 MB Site: (Yohann Taieb) More info Download
IToolabs Communicator

IToolabs Communicator 1.4.19

Published: Aug 24, 2012
Recognizing high demand for Unified Communications Solutions, ITooLabs presents the ITooLabs Communicator product, designed especially to meet SMB and Enterprises needs.

Tags: Call - Call Manager - Chat - Chat History - Instant Messenger - Messenger
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.7 MB Site: (ITooLabs) More info Download

ConvertHelper 1.0

Published: Oct 20, 2012
ConvertHelper is the easiest way to convert video and audio files, especially ones you can download from web sites.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 12.4 MB Site: ( More info Download
Art Collage - FREE

Art Collage - FREE 1.2

Published: Sep 30, 2014
Art Collage lets you instantly arrange your photos into collages. There are more than 70 creative collage templates in this App, especially a lot of heart shape collage templates. Your honey, your family, and your friends will be amazed with what ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 7.6 MB Site: (Qingqi Tong) More info Download
Word Bingo Lite: Play with words

Word Bingo Lite: Play with words 1.0

Published: Oct 20, 2014
Guess the word and get going!! When it comes to learning as kids, we all want to run away from it. Remembering words is all the more a difficult task especially if you hate to do it. But what if it becomes a play game. Learn variety of words with ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.8 MB Site: (Sunshine Infotech) More info Download
Free Frog Prince

Free Frog Prince 2.2

Published: Oct 20, 2014
iChild World, a World for smart kids and parents. No 1 child bedtime story book for iPhone and iPad user.Your child love reading story book especially bed-time story? Do you wonder why some children are so smart? You think is because of different ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 11.1 MB Site: (Kai Shien Cheong) More info Download
YW Devotional Magazine

YW Devotional Magazine 4.01

Published: Nov 08, 2014
YW is a monthly devotional magazine from Walk Thru the Bible designed especially for students. As fellow journeyers on this adventure of walking with God, weve designed YW to help students learn about Gods good heart and His great love through ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 51.6 MB Site: (MAZ Digital LLC) More info Download
Palette Editor Plugin for Pro Motion

Palette Editor Plugin for Pro Motion 1.0

Published: Jul 15, 2006
Pro Motion is a bitmap editor and animation package, ideal for creating pixel precise animations, images or icons used in games or Flash applications especially for handheld systems like mobile phones, gameboy, PDA, Pocket PC and similar. Use it to c

Tags: Animation - Dpaint - Editor - Flash - Gameboy - Icon - Mobile - Palette - Pda - Sprite
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 538.0 KB Site: (cosmigo) More info Download
Play Guitar

Play Guitar

Published: Sep 24, 2008
A complete, free method to learn to play the guitar, especially designed for novices.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 5.1 MB Site: ( More info Download

BezierDraw 1.1.4

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Vectored graphics editor that`s especially for creating complicated geometric designs.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 141.0 KB Site: ( More info Download
Shot-Online 2006

Shot-Online 2006 11506

Published: Sep 25, 2008
It is the RPG quality that makes Shot-Online the unique game it is, especially with the community interaction and the enhancement and leveling of your character.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 301.0 KB Site: ( More info Download
Database Manager

Database Manager 2.1a

Published: Sep 25, 2008
This tool will support you in your database management activities for dBase-compatible tables, especially if you are a user of dBase- or FoxPro compatible databases.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 834.0 KB Site: (EMS Software Development) More info Download

SNMPTest 1.04

Published: Sep 25, 2008
SNMP Test for routers is a tool which can query and monitor any SNMP-compatible device but it is especially designed to test SNMP router compatibility.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 291.0 KB Site: (Noel DANJOU) More info Download
Web Hosting Buyers Guide

Web Hosting Buyers Guide 1.5

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Finding a reliable web host for your website can be a daunting task, especially when you consider there are now thousands of web hosting providers all competing for the priviledge of hosting your website.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 81.0 KB Site: (Web Hosting Diary) More info Download

USBLoad 1.0.0

Published: Sep 25, 2008
The funcard USB software is especially developed for all who regularly use a standard/slow funcard 6 for eg updating a CAM.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 371.0 KB Site: (Argolis BV) More info Download
Ewisoft Web Builder

Ewisoft Web Builder 2.1

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Free web editor especially for beginners and non-web-technical people.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 8.2 MB Site: (Ewisoft Co.) More info Download
FrostWire Turbo Accelerator

FrostWire Turbo Accelerator 2.8.0

Published: Jul 08, 2013
FrostWire Accelerator is a light but resourceful plugin which adds a plus of performance to your FrostWire P2P client, especially in the area you are most likely to be interested in the download speed.

Tags: Download Accelerator - Download Booster - Download Speeder - Fast Frostwire - File Sharing Accelerator - Frostwire Accelerator - Frostwire Booster - Frostwire Speeder - Frostwire Turbo - P2p Client Accelerator
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.9 MB Site: (Web Speeders) More info Download
WinX Free AVI to PSP Converter

WinX Free AVI to PSP Converter 5.0.7

Published: Sep 21, 2014
WinX Free AVI to PSP Converter is a free AVI to PSP video converter which is especially designed to convert AVI DivX, AVI XviD to PSP. It is fully compatible with PSP1000, PSP2000, PSP3000.

Tags: Avi - Avi To Psp Freeware - Avi To Psp Video Converter For Free - Convert Avi To Psp For Free - Free Avi To Psp Converter - Free Convert Avi To Psp - Free Transfer Avi To Psp - Free Video Converter - Psp
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 29.9 MB Site: (Digiarty Software, Inc.) More info Download
Wave Editor

Wave Editor

Published: Jul 14, 2011
Wave Editor is a fast and easy digital audio editing software for Windows. It provides powerful and user-friendly editing environment which suits beginners especially and perform basic editing capabilities like: cut, copy, paste and delete.

Tags: Audio Editor - Mp3 Editor - Sound Editor - Wav Editor - Wave Editor
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.1 MB Site: ( More info Download
Pumpkin Remover

Pumpkin Remover 1.7

Published: Dec 06, 2011
Your objective in Pumpkin Remover is to remove the rotten pumpkins in this spooky puzzle game. The game features all new levels and a new look especially for the Halloween season.

Tags: Pumpkin - Puzzle - Remover
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 950.3 KB Site: ( More info Download

GameEx 12.46

Published: May 04, 2012
GameEx is a graphical DirectX based front-end for MAME, Zinc, Daphne, PC Games, and all command line based emulators, along with being a complete Home Theatre PC solution, especially when gaming is a priority or important.

Tags: Ddirectx - Directx Front-end - Emulator - Game - Game Emulator - Home Theatre - Theatre
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 28.1 MB Site: (Spesoft) More info Download
JPEG Resampler

JPEG Resampler

Published: Jun 29, 2012
The main purpose of this popular tool is to quickly and easily resize photos from a digital camera to a smaller size for further use (especially to share the photos on web or by email).

Tags: Editor - Jpeg Editor - Jpeg Resampler - Jpeg Resize - Resampler - Resize
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.3 MB Site: (David Macek) More info Download
Digit Span Tester

Digit Span Tester 2.0.0

Published: Aug 24, 2012
The Digit Span Tester software was created in order to perform automated digit span tests in order to evaluate on working memory function, especially in cognitive / neuro research.

Tags: Digit Span Tester - Memory - Memory Tester - Neuro Research - Test - Test Memory - Tester
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Jared Blackburn) More info Download

jEPlus 1.2 Build 05

Published: Apr 05, 2012
Parametric analysis is often needed for exploring design options, especially when a global optimization method is not available, or the optimization result is in doubt.

Tags: Energyplus - Energyplus Shell - Java Simulator - Jeplus - Parameter - Parametric Analysis - Shell
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Yi Zhang) More info Download

physicsmata 0.1.3

Published: May 04, 2012
physicsmata is a Java-based tool that acts similar to relativistic quantum physics, especially how they form into black holes of objects that broadcast each other to others in the same set, ignoring others due to the multiply routing.

Tags: Physics - Physics Simulation - Physics Simulator - Physicsmata - Quantum Physics - Simulation - Simulator
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Ben Rayfield) More info Download

Luscinia 19.12.2011

Published: Jul 26, 2012
Luscinia was developed as an accessible and Open Source software for archiving and analyzing field sound recordings (especially of animals).

Tags: Analysis - Analyze - Luscinia - Sound Analysis - Spectrogram - Spectrogram Analysis - Spectrogram Measurement
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Robert Lachlan) More info Download
jQuery Gallery Slider Generator

jQuery Gallery Slider Generator 1.2

Published: Jun 25, 2012
In the last few years jquery carousel gallery, jquery gallery lightbox and jquery gallery slider become very popular in blogs and especially in portfolio sites.

Tags: Joomla Jquery Gallery - Jquery Ad Gallery - Jquery Best Image Gallery - Jquery Carousel Gallery - Jquery Demo Gallery - Jquery Easy Gallery - Jquery Flickr Gallery - Jquery Gallery - Jquery Gallery Apple - Jquery Gallery Blogger
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 10.6 MB Site: ( More info Download
ClamAV Virus Databases

ClamAV Virus Databases 24 February 201

Published: Aug 15, 2012
Clam AntiVirus is an open source (GPL) anti-virus toolkit, designed especially for e-mail scanning on mail gateways.

Tags: Clamav - Clamav Updater - Clamav Virus Databases - Update Clamav - Updater - Virus - Virus Databases
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Sourcefire, Inc) More info Download
SignatureProfiler for Mac OS

SignatureProfiler for Mac OS 1.5.3

Published: Sep 03, 2012
A plugin for Appleâs Mail application that adds missing features from the way that signatures are handled and managed with your outgoing mail messages, especially if you have multiple mail accounts (and who doesnât these days).

Tags: Signatureprofiler
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.3 MB Site: (Little Known Software) More info Download

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