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  • Free Slideshow Maker   (Booker )

    Worked well for me. But remember to decline the permission to install third party tools while installing this software.

  • Visual Fractal   (Hardik)

    Many thanks to the developer, awesome work. It's very powerful fractal software that solved my problem.

  • Surf Anonymous Free   (Hanso)

    It did nothing to my PC. I could see my real IP by searching online.

  • Daidze   (Jose Antonio )

    Excellent simple and free pos and invoicing software

  • Free Hide IP   (Winny)

    For me, it works great. Once in a while though, it says it is working and checking with I.P. Chicken, you find it is not,...

  • Q4Search   (John)

    It's simple to use and really fast! Highly recommended.

  • Cyber Internet Cafe Software - Internet Caffe   (Jayprakash)

    I really like it. V8 has more functions than previous version. They have great customer support also.

  • PCFerret   (Jeff)

    I have used this to generate passwords which worked pretty well.

  • The Journal   (Stella)

    It helps me to write my daily journals easily.

  • Screen Recorder Free   (Rk)

    Many third party tools were tried to install along with this program. So beware!


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Faster Rename

Faster Rename 3.1.0

Published: Aug 27, 2012
Faster Rename is a professional batch file renamer created for digital camera owners, web masters, music and image collectors, and usets who need to keep files well organized.

Tags: Change Name - Faster Rename - File Renamer - Name - Rename - Rename File - Renamer
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Kayak Studio) More info Download

Faster Animal & Living Creature Trivia & Puzzle

Faster Animal & Living Creature Trivia & Puzzle 1.0

Published: Nov 05, 2014
Have you ever wondered what's faster? A Horse or Hawk?A Great White Shark or a Goose? A Jaguar or a Kangaroo? Usain Bolt or Bo Jackson?A Tiger or a Greyhound Dog?A Cute Kitty Cat or a Grizzly Bear?What about mashing them up? Is a Cheetah Faster ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 172.0 MB Site: (Nerdy Dragon) More info Download
Game Speed Adjuster

Game Speed Adjuster 1.0

Published: Jun 24, 2006
Game Speed Adjuster is a powerful tool to adjust the speed of Windows games and applications. It can speed up games or speed down programs. For some network games, players can get super ability such as running faster, more powerful gun fire if the pr

Tags: Accelerate Game Speed - Adjust Game Speed - Boost Game Speed - Change Game Speed - Control Game Speed - Increase Game Speed - Make Game Run Faster - Slow Game - Speed Down Game - Speed Game Cheat
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 472.0 KB Site: (pc2download networks) More info Download
SpeedItup - Make PC 302% Faster for free

SpeedItup - Make PC 302% Faster for free 4.96

Published: Apr 13, 2012
SpeedItUp Free will speed up any computer system running Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista.

Tags: Accelerate - Computer - Faster Pc - Faster Performance - Memory Boost - Optimize - Speed Test - Speed Up - Speeditup - Tuneup
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 491.5 KB Site: (MicroSmarts LLC) More info Download
Kazaa Accelerator

Kazaa Accelerator 3.0

Published: Mar 21, 2012
Kazaa Accelerator lets you download MP3s, Movies and Videos from Kazaa at a faster rate by accelerating your download speed.

Tags: Accelerator - Accelerator Kazaa - Download - Faster - Kazaa - Kazaa Accelerator - Kazaa Download Accelerator - Kazaa Lite Accelerator - Pro - Speed
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 194.6 KB Site: (Kazaa Accelerator) More info Download
Quick Heal Internet Security 2012

Quick Heal Internet Security 2012 13.00

Published: Aug 27, 2012
Lighter | Faster | Smarter Quick Heal Internet Security protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against all kinds of Internet or network-based threats.

Tags: Anti Virus - Anti-virus - Antimalware - Antispyware - Antivirus - Backdoor - Fake Tools - Faster - Fraud - Lighter
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) More info Download
Harder Better Faster Stronger

Harder Better Faster Stronger 1.3.5

Published: Nov 05, 2014
With Harder Better Faster Stronger (HBFS) you can combine bits from Daft Punk's amazing track. Make your own version or jam along with the original version on your stereo.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.1 MB Site: (The App Boutique) More info Download
Phantom CD

Phantom CD 0.9.5

Published: Mar 16, 2008
Mount your CD/DVD image files as virtual CD/DVD disc with Phantom CD. Use disc images for your CD and DVD backup. Enjoy reading speed up to 200 times faster than a physical disc, allowing your application and games to start and run faster.

Tags: Dvd - Iso - Phantom Cd - Virtual Driver
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.9 MB Site: (Phantombility, Inc) More info Download
Cowboy Chameleon

Cowboy Chameleon 1.3

Published: Sep 27, 2014
Are you faster than your shade? We are looking for a Sheriff.The insects have invaded the uncle Carmelos farm and you have been hired to get rid of the plague.Practice to become the faster in the wild 'westinsect' and compete against players ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 70.4 MB Site: (VictorM del Rio) More info Download
Timpani Free

Timpani Free 1.9

Published: Nov 05, 2014
? Free, universal Timpani using Ratatap Drums' cutting edge engine! ?The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like real drums. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 9.2 MB Site: (mode of expression, LLC) More info Download
Tabla HD Free

Tabla HD Free 1.9

Published: Nov 06, 2014
? Free, universal tablas using Ratatap Drums' cutting edge engine! ?The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like real drums. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 9.8 MB Site: (mode of expression, LLC) More info Download
Taiko Drums Free

Taiko Drums Free 1.9

Published: Nov 06, 2014
? Universal Taiko Drumms using Ratatap Drums' cutting edge engine! ?The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. The drum sound varies slightly from hit to hit, just like real drums. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 8.8 MB Site: (mode of expression, LLC) More info Download

Algebloks 2.1

Published: Sep 25, 2014
Taking a spin on a classic puzzle game, it's Algebloks! Stack Bloks to form equations and solutions! You'll have to think fast and think strategically, because the Bloks will fall faster and faster as you play.This is a great game for middle ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 819.2 KB Site: (Steve Rhine) More info Download
Genesis car

Genesis car 1.05

Published: Sep 29, 2014
Genesis Cars West Londons premium minicab serviceRequest a minicab on-the-go in under a minute from your iPhone.Booking a minicab via app is even faster than ringing the Cab Office or getting a black cab.Thanks to the iPhone's GPS capabilities, ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 7.3 MB Site: (Central Point Media LTD) More info Download
Letter Mania Free

Letter Mania Free 1.1

Published: Sep 30, 2014
Letter Mania Free is a fast paced game with words. You need to get rid of letters by forming words while new letters keep coming down faster and faster. Fresh and addictive gameplay will keep you entertained for countless hours! The game is very ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 8.7 MB Site: (Michael Winter) More info Download
Zany Touch Free

Zany Touch Free 1.2

Published: Oct 08, 2014
'An Excellent Bop-It Style Game!'Test your reflexes against faster and faster challenges. Listen for the instruction and do it as fast as you can -- touch, swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, swipe right, shake, pinch, and two finger touch. A ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 7.4 MB Site: (Creative Logic Entertainment, Inc.) More info Download
Music Factory Free - Change key, change tempo and remove vocal

Music Factory Free - Change key, change tempo and remove vocal 1.4

Published: Oct 15, 2014
You can remove the vocal of a song, make a song faster or slower, and change the key of a song with this app! The app is good for performers who cannot find the right music for their key, want a faster or slower version of the music, or cannot ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 204.8 KB Site: (KBIC International Ltd) More info Download
Loco Railer lite

Loco Railer lite 1.1

Published: Oct 21, 2014
Use your finger to draw railroads to let your locomotives pass through stations toward the arrows on screen. You must check your train on time, so make your railroads quick.Hurry! It's getting faster and faster as you have successive passes.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 15.2 MB Site: (Hong-Jun Yoon) More info Download
Popcorn PileUP

Popcorn PileUP 1.0.1

Published: Oct 21, 2014
Popcorn PileUP is a fast and fun arcade style game where you catch all the flying popcorn! PowerUps will help you along the way but you will need your best finger reflexes to succeed! Each stage gets faster and faster and even more challenging! ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 7.2 MB Site: (NailBuster Software Inc.) More info Download
Addison Lee

Addison Lee 1.93

Published: Nov 05, 2014
Addison Lee Londons premium minicab serviceHail an Addison Lee minicab on-the-go in under a minute from your iPhone.Booking a minicab via app is even faster than ringing the call centre or hailing a black cab.Thanks to the iPhone's GPS ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.5 MB Site: (Addison Lee PLC) More info Download
Secrets Exposed! - FREE Tips & Tricks for iPhone and iPod

Secrets Exposed! - FREE Tips & Tricks for iPhone and iPod 1.7

Published: Nov 05, 2014
*** NEW RELEASE ****** NOW FREE! ***Get the MOST from your iPhone/iPod!Helpful Tips & Tricks that you may not have known.- Discover Secret Features- Browse Faster- Type Faster- Increase your Productivity- Save Valuable Time- and Much More!AMAZING ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.2 MB Site: (Appventions) More info Download
Daft Touch

Daft Touch 1.0

Published: Nov 05, 2014
Are you better, faster, stronger?Take control of 16 samples:Work it, Make it, Do it, Makes us,Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,More than, Ever, Hour, After,Our, Work is, Never, Over.Used in the famous Daft Punk song.All the samples is controlled ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.4 MB Site: (Dotsquare LLC) More info Download
Cookie Catch!

Cookie Catch! 1.1

Published: Nov 05, 2014
** Latest version fixes bugs in iOS 5 **How many falling cookies can you catch in your glass of milk?Cookie Catch is a FREE, simple and addicting game that's fun for all ages. Earn points for each cookie you catch. Some cookies fall faster but ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 15.3 MB Site: (NetSummit Enterprises, Inc.) More info Download
Crazy Christmas 2

Crazy Christmas 2 1.0

Published: Nov 06, 2014
Christmas is coming, of course, not to be missed so many gifts, make haste to come and collect Christmas gifts, carefully rock oh.features:1.Gravity control, random gifts2.Gifts moving down faster and to play:Through the gravity to ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.9 MB Site: (Smart Hand) More info Download
Monkey Shoots

Monkey Shoots 1.0

Published: Nov 08, 2014
Help the monkeys land safely. Monkeys are falling our of the sky, and it's up to you to open their shoots before they go SPLAT. But watch out, the monkeys fall faster and faster. See how many you can save before your time runs out. This fast ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.0 MB Site: (Gerry White) More info Download

BonusTime 1.0

Published: Nov 09, 2014
BonusTime is a clock app, its time past faster then real time.BonusTime makes you faster, and you can earn bonus time !Key features:- Available digital and analog clock.- Setting variable bonus period on your life styles.- Customize clock color / ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.1 MB Site: (Suzhar Entertainment) More info Download
Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag 4.5.1

Published: Mar 04, 2014
Disk Defrag will speed up your computer by optimizing file system. It can defragment files, consolidate free space and move system files to the faster part of the disk. With Disk Defrag you'll get the maximum out of your hard drive performance.

Tags: Defrag - Defragmentation - Disk Defrag - Disk Defragmentation - Disk Fragmented - Disk Optimization - Disk Speed Up - Disk Speedup - Hard Disk Defrag - Hard Disk Disk Defragmentation
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 5.9 MB Site: (Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd) More info Download

ABCMenuMan 1.5

Published: Jul 05, 2007
ABCMenuMan is an exciting new java menu that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a few menu items, easier for you to use than defining mouseover states, plus adds impressive mouseover effects for your website, and extremely flexible for the c

Tags: Dropdownmenuinjava - Freejavadropdownmenu - Freejavamenu - Freejavamenus - Freejavascriptmenu - Freejavascriptmenus - Freejavatreemenu - Horizontaljavamenu - Javaappletmenubar - Javacont
Price: $29.95 (Freeware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (ABCMenuMan) More info Download


Published: Sep 25, 2008
You can work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.1 MB Site: (Skynergy) More info Download

XLplus 2.0.16

Published: Sep 25, 2008
XLplus is a tools collection for Microsoft EXCEL 2000 (or higher) which helps to do your daily work faster and more efficient.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.6 MB Site: (digital-ecom GmbH) More info Download


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