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  • GroupMail   (Nehal)

    Best program for sending mass emails. Free version is enough for me as it has only few limitations.

  • Keyboard & Mouse Locker   (Hamad)

    My kid love to press keyboard while PC is on so I needed something to lock the keyboard. It helped me really good.

  • HWMonitor   (Buno)

    Useful one. Shows temperatures, fan speed etc. Pretty good to check if CPU overheating.

  • XNote Timer   (Russel)

    Just what I needed. It's a really helpful timer app that works very well.

  • CATraxx   (Stephan)

    It was very good for me to organize my music collection. Unfortunately they are not selling new copies of this program...

  • Jack Free Calculator   (Abir)

    Poor and laggy user interface. It's not the kind I was looking.

  • Bus Driver   (Patrick)

    Realistic sounds and graphics. Enjoyed this game very much. I will surely play this again.

  • AdiIRC   (Luke)

    Excellent IRC client. Does exactly what it promises.

  • Driver Fusion   (Warner)

    It's really good, will help you to manage your drivers efficiently.

  • Bike Mania   (Narayan)

    This is not exactly racing game with other bikers which I thought, rather bike riding game. But I enjoyed it very much.


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My Blood Pressure

My Blood Pressure 2.11

Published: Jul 10, 2007
My Blood Pressure is software that: 1) Reminds you to take a blood pressure reading. 2) Records and charts readings from your monitor. 3) Prints a report for your doctor. My Blood Pressure can be used with any home blood pressure monitor.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Blood Pressure Chart - Blood Pressure Monitor - Blood Pressure Reading - Blood Pressure Report - High Blood Pressure - Hypertension - Track Blood Pressure
Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 2.3 MB Site: (My Health Software) More info Download

1-2-3 Blood pressure Freeware

1-2-3 Blood pressure Freeware 1.00

Published: Dec 11, 2012
1-2-3 Blood pressure helps you to control your blood pressure values.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Health
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 29.1 MB Site: (Trendino, Owner Juergen Vogel) More info Download
Blood Pressure Tracker for Pocket PC

Blood Pressure Tracker for Pocket PC 5.

Published: Feb 09, 2006
The Blood Pressure Tracker simplifies blood pressure and heart rate data logging. The software automatically saves systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and time of measurement. In addition to being a convenient data logger the software

Tags: Blood Pressure - Exercise - Graph - Health - Heart - Home - Log - Logging - Medical - Nursing
Price: $19.99 (Shareware) Size: 97.0 KB Site: (SoundTells) More info Download
SFO TrackMyBP Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitoring Software

SFO TrackMyBP Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitoring Software 1.0

Published: Jun 23, 2012
Hypertension, high blood pressure condition, affects millions of people in USA and increases risk of stroke, cardiac failure and heart attack.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Blood Pressure Monitor - Bp Monitor - Hypertension - Sfo Medical
Price: $19.99 (Demo) Size: 573.4 KB Site: (SFO Biomedical Devices Inc.) More info Download
Blood Pressure Tracker Plus

Blood Pressure Tracker Plus 6.5

Published: Dec 03, 2012
Free Blood Pressure Tracking function and more in an easy to use program.

Tags: Address Book - Automobile - Blood Pressure - Budget - Car - Passwords - Planner - Vehicle - Weight Tracking
Price: $12.95 (Shareware) Size: 10.5 MB Site: (R. E. G. Software) More info Download
UTS Blood Pressure for Palm OS

UTS Blood Pressure for Palm OS 1.8.2002

Published: Jan 23, 2013
UTS Blood Pressure (UTS BP) is the Palm OS software, that tracks your blood pressure and pulse.

Price: $9.95 (Shareware) Size: 1.1 MB Site: ( LLC) More info Download
My Blood Pressure Wellness

My Blood Pressure Wellness 4

Published: Jan 26, 2013
Personal health tracking system with graphing to track progress

Tags: Blood - Blood Pressure - Blood Wellness - Health - Health Status - Pressure
Price: $15.00 (Shareware) Size: 14.4 MB Site: (Software By Matrix Inc) More info Download
Bloody Pressure

Bloody Pressure 1.2.3

Published: Oct 22, 2014
Bloody Pressure is simple and functional blood pressure management app that lets you record, track, analyze and share your blood pressure measuremenets.The easiest way to monitor your health!Features:* Save your systolic and diastolic blood ...

Price: $0.99 (Shareware) Size: 307.2 KB Site: (Piotr Sochalewski) More info Download
Heart Pal - Blood Pressure Tracker

Heart Pal - Blood Pressure Tracker 1.3

Published: Oct 28, 2014
Heart Pal is an application for logging, charting, and analyzing your blood pressure and share data with your doctor. The use of Heart Pal can more easily log and plot one's overall, or average, blood pressure level. Measuring your blood pressure ...

Price: $0.99 (Shareware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (Deltaworks) More info Download
BPMon - Blood Pressure Monitor

BPMon - Blood Pressure Monitor 7.0

Published: Sep 29, 2014
BPMon - Blood Pressure Monitor is advanced and easy-to-use tool to watch for your blood pressure on a daily basis and included tools for recording, editing, exporting data, calculating and drawing statistics and reports. We read all incoming ...

Price: $4.99 (Shareware) Size: 4.8 MB Site: (Anatoly Butko) More info Download

HealthMonitor 2.0.0

Published: Jul 10, 2007
HealthMonitor software is a easy-to-use Windows program for storing, reporting and charting blood pressure, blood sugar or weight. Stores multiple reading per day and calculates averages. Great software for people with diabetics and hypertension.

Tags: Blood Pressure Software - Blood Sugar Software - Bp - Chart - Diabetes - Free Download - Hypertension - Inexpensive - Monitor - Report
Price: $25.00 (Shareware) Size: 5.3 MB Site: (Vidyasoft Applications) More info Download
Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary 1.5.3

Published: Oct 30, 2014
Are you like one of the 1 billion people who experience high or low blood pressure? Blood Pressure Diary can help.-Designed to work with a few screen taps.-Use triggers like stress or diet to predict your blood pressure highs and lows.-Readings ...

Price: $2.99 (Shareware) Size: 10.2 MB Site: (cellHigh) More info Download

LateralK 2.3

Published: Aug 07, 2009
LateralK is a simple software for calculating lateral earth pressure coefficients behind retaining walls in static and earthquake condition based on Rankine/ Coulumb formulae and also Mononobe/ Okabe methods.

Tags: Active Pressure - At Rest Pressure - Borehole Log - Earth Pressure - Geotechnic - Lateral Earth Pressure - Passive Pressure - Retaining Wall Design - Soil - Soil Mechanics
Price: $33.00 (Shareware) Size: 3.2 MB Site: (Novo Tech Software Ltd.) More info Download
Flowmaster Pressure Drop Calculator

Flowmaster Pressure Drop Calculator 1.2

Published: Oct 14, 2014
The Flowmaster Pipe Pressure Drop Calculator is a free tool to help you find pressure drops and flow rates through pipes given pressure or flow boundary conditions using the Colebrook-White approximation.This app is provided by Flowmaster, ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.4 MB Site: (Flowmaster USA, Inc) More info Download
Easy Blood Pressure

Easy Blood Pressure 2.1

Published: Oct 29, 2014
Easy Blood Pressure provides an easy way to track your blood pressure and heart rate daily -- simply dial in your measurements, tap Save and you're done!Easy Blood Pressure allows you to: ? Spin the dials to enter your measurements and the date ? ...

Price: $0.99 (Shareware) Size: 512.0 KB Site: (Seaside Apps) More info Download
HealthFile Plus

HealthFile Plus 4.5.0

Published: Jul 10, 2007
HealthFile Plus is your complete health and personal medical records and information organization software. Keep track of insurance, contacts, allergies, illnesses, surgeries, appointments, medications, vaccinations, blood pressure, weight, glucose.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Diabetes - Diet - Glucose - Health - Health File - Medical - Personal Health - Prescriptions - Weight
Price: $29.99 (Shareware) Size: 4.6 MB Site: (WakefieldSoft, LLC) More info Download

ISO-5167 11.06

Published: Mar 21, 2012
Program ISO-5167 will size orifice plates for given design conditions, find pressure drop for a given flow, or flow for a given pressure drop.

Tags: Design - Engineering - Flowrate - Iso-5167 - Metering - Oil Gas - Orifice Size - Pressure Drop
Price: $24.95 (Shareware) Size: 4.0 MB Site: (NorCraft) More info Download

AGA-3 11.06

Published: Jun 03, 2012
Program AGA-3 will size orifice plates for given design conditions, find pressure drop for a given flow, or flow for a given pressure drop.

Tags: Aga-3 - Design - Engineering - Flowrate - Metering - Oil Gas - Orifice Size - Pressure Drop
Price: $24.95 (Shareware) Size: 4.3 MB Site: (NorCraft) More info Download
FutureWare Personal Blood Pressure Monitor

FutureWare Personal Blood Pressure Monitor

Published: Jun 08, 2012
The FutureWare Personal Blood Pressure Monitor application maintains a history of daily blood pressure readings, which are displayed in a set of color-coded bar charts, which can be printed in tabular form, which can be faxed to a prescribing physici

Price: $39.00 (Shareware) Site: (FutureWare SCG) More info Download
MITCalc - Shells

MITCalc - Shells 1.10

Published: Mar 03, 2013
The calculation concerns solutions of pressure vessels and their components. The calculation solves deformations and curves of stress in rotational shells loaded with axial force, pressure, radial force and a bending moment.

Tags: Conical - Cylindrical - Deflection - Loading - Moment And Stress - Pressure Vessels - Round Plates - Safety - Shells - Slope
Price: $26.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.8 MB Site: (MITCalc) More info Download
Weight Tracker Plus

Weight Tracker Plus 5.0

Published: Jan 16, 2013
Program tracks your weight, your blood pressure and stores your passwords.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Passwords - Weight - Weight Control
Price: $10.95 (Shareware) Size: 9.9 MB Site: (R. E. G. Software) More info Download
Pipeline Pressure Drop

Pipeline Pressure Drop

Published: Oct 18, 2014
This application evaluates the pipeline flow for simulation and sizing purpose. It can provide following solutions as required: - Flow rate through the pipeline - Upstream pressure - Downstream pressure - Pipeline inside diameter - Pipeline ...

Price: $4.99 (Shareware) Size: 716.8 KB Site: (Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd.) More info Download
Blood Pressure Recorder

Blood Pressure Recorder 1.0

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Record your daily blood pressure measurements using this fast and easy freeware program from Lifestyle Toolbox.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 7.0 MB Site: (Lifestyle Toolbox) More info Download
My Daily Metric Readings

My Daily Metric Readings 1 20

Published: May 28, 2012
My Daily Metric Readings, written mainly for people outside the US, records and tracks blood sugar in mmol/l format, blood pressure, pulse, and weight in kilograms by date and time.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Blood Sugar - Glucose - Heart Rate - Kilograms - Mmoll - Pulse - Weight
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 12.2 MB Site: (Bob Larsen) More info Download

AioFlo 1.01

Published: Dec 17, 2012
AioFlo performs pipe sizing, flow rate and pressure drop calculations for liquids and gases. Wide range of fittings built in. Built in data tables for pipe size and roughness. Laminar and turbulent flow. Wide range of units. Use mass or volume flow.

Tags: Equivalent Length - Fittings - Flowrate - Friction Factor - Gas - Liquid - Pipe - Pressure Drop - Resistance Coefficients - Sizing
Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 1.9 MB Site: (Katmar Software) More info Download
Air Pressure

Air Pressure

Published: Oct 25, 2014
This application calculates the elevation from the sea level by the given air static air pressure, or vice versa. The standard temperature and density at the given input are presented too.The calculation is based on the standard condition which ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 614.4 KB Site: (Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd.) More info Download

HeyDoc! 060501.0800

Published: Apr 28, 2006
Enter personal general health information in addition to specific information about, weight, blood pressure, sodium intack, pain level, prescriptions, allergic reactions, emergency contact information, cholesterol levels, fever pedomter counts, menst

Tags: Calories - Diet - Doctor - Exercise - Food - Health - Medical - Pressure - Reminders - Weight
Price: $19.95 (Demo) Size: 3.6 MB Site: (HeyDoc! Software) More info Download
NutriGenie Dash Diet for Lower High Blood Pressure

NutriGenie Dash Diet for Lower High Blood Pressure 7.8

Published: Sep 25, 2008
The DASH diet is based on findings from the "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension" a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute-supported study that found that elevated blood pressure levels can be reduced with an eating plan low in total fat, satu

Price: $49.00 (Demo) Size: 1.9 MB Site: ( More info Download
UTS Blood Pressure for Palm

UTS Blood Pressure for Palm OS

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Track blood pressure & pulse with Palm OS PDA.

Price: $9.95 (Demo) Size: 1.1 MB Site: ( LLC) More info Download
My Daily Readings

My Daily Readings 3.95

Published: May 11, 2014
My Daily Readings records and tracks blood sugar in any format, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, weight, SPO2, and temperature by date and time. There is also a comments area and Insulin Injection Tracking Log.

Tags: Blood Pressure - Blood Sugar - Diabetes - Glucose - Hypertension - Injection Tracking - Pulse - Spo2 - Temperature - Weight
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 12.8 MB Site: (Bob Larsen) More info Download


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