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    To create high quality and professional looking flip books there are no other software better than flipb.

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    It's a full featured Hindi word processor. Helps me to write in Hindi very easily.

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    Very useful application for fetching MBOX file into PST. It's a simple program and has a nice GUI. It worked very well....

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    Configuring it was a bit tricky but now I can do lot more work with my mouse than I used to do before.

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    This rosary app is very good and helpful. It was my most used app in my iphone. I've switched to an Android phone and was...

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    I have been using it for last 6 years for our online business. We have increased the level of our customer services for...

  • Text Speaker   (Janjua )

    I have used the trial version with built in voices and it worked okay, few additional voices can be downloaded also. It...

Typing Tutor

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Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor 4.6.1

Published: May 16, 2012
Improve your typing skills with a new-generation typing tutor! Rapid Typing Tutor will help you learn how to use your keyboard more efficiently in a few easy sessions for absolutely free. Children will learn by playing a fun game.

Tags: Free Typing Tutor - Learning Typing - Touch Typing - Typing Lessons - Typing Speed Test - Typing Test - Typing Tutor - Typing Tutor Software
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 8.7 MB Site: (Typing Tutor Labs) More info Download

SOLO Typing Tutor

SOLO Typing Tutor

Published: Nov 04, 2009
SOLO Typing Tutor helps you improve your typing skills by teaching you how to get into the optimal habits. Learning how to touch type can be difficult, but with a tutor such as this, you can better your skills quickly and make typing a breeze.

Tags: Touch Typing - Typing Tutor
Price: $24.95 (Shareware) Size: 14.4 MB Site: (Ergosolo Touch Typing Tutor Software) More info Download

Portable Rapid Typing Tutor

Portable Rapid Typing Tutor 4.6

Published: May 04, 2012
Portable Rapid Typing Tutor is the best typing program to teach you how to type like a professional. The software is easy to use and totally free. The portable release also allows you to run it from any type of media without installation.

Tags: Typing - Typing Program - Typing Software - Typing Tutor
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 11.9 MB Site: (Typing Tutor Labs) More info Download
RapidTyping Typing Tutor

RapidTyping Typing Tutor

Published: Aug 03, 2008
This free touch typing tutor help you learn quick and blind keyboard printing.

Tags: Blind Keyboard - Cpm - Free Typing - Free Typing Lessons - Free Typing Software - Free Typing Tutor - Keyboard Emulation - Touch Typing - Typing - Typing Game
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 949.8 KB Site: (PinokioSoft) More info Download
GS Typing Tutor Network

GS Typing Tutor Network 1.0.0

Published: Jan 04, 2009
A network version of GS Typing Tutor is for using in entire schools, learning centers and library systems. The teacher could easily take advantage of features to centrally manage a large amount of user accounts in multiple groups.

Tags: Districts - Kid Typing - Learn To Type - Library - One Hand Typing - School - Touch Tying - Typing Game - Typing Test - Typing Tutor
Price: $599.00 (Shareware) Size: 4.4 MB Site: (Grass Software) More info Download
MaxType LITE Typing Tutor

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor 1. 6. 2023

Published: Jun 06, 2012
MaxType LITE typing tutor is a free multifunctinal typing tester.

Tags: Learn Keyboarding - Learn To Type - Typing Software - Typing Tutor
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.3 MB Site: (AskMeSoft) More info Download
Typing Exam Software | Typing Tutor

Typing Exam Software | Typing Tutor 3.1

Published: May 31, 2014
Typing Exam Software for Informatics Assistant Exam, Typing Master, Typing Tutor, Hindi Typing Master, Hindi Typing Tutor, Free Hindi Typing Master, Free Hindi Typing Tutor.

Tags: Free Hindi Typing Master - Free Hindi Typing Tutor - Hindi Typing Master - Hindi Typing Tutor - Informatics Assistant Exam - Typing Exam Software - Typing Master - Typing Tutor
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 10.9 MB Site: (Smart Softwares) More info Download
GS Typing Tutor

GS Typing Tutor 2.98

Published: Jan 11, 2008
Typing test, tutor and play typing games, an Essential and Full-featured Software for learning touch typing, for all age groups, included 5 typing games.

Tags: Kid Typing - Touch Tying - Typing - Typing Game - Typing Test - Typing Tutor
Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Size: 1.9 MB Site: (Grass Software) More info Download
Arabic Typing Tutor Pro

Arabic Typing Tutor Pro 2015

Published: Feb 07, 2015
Typing speeds illustrates familiarity with computer. It simplifies your daily work, emails writing and increases your productivity.Save 30 min in writing 10 emails. Accordingly, this is a user friendly software. It trains you to use the keyboard well

Tags: Arabic - Children - Download - Games - Keyboard - Kid - Language - Learn - Speed - Touch
Price: $34.99 (Demo) Size: 15.0 MB Site: (PCfone Co.,) More info Download
Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor

Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor 3.3

Published: Jul 10, 2007
This software is written in order to increase your arabic typing spead, through teaching the basics of how to put your hand on to the keyboard and give some training examples.

Tags: Arabic - Children - Download - Games - Keyboard - Kid - Language - Learn - Speed - Touch
Price: $19.99 (Shareware) Size: 3.5 MB Site: (PCfone Co.,) More info Download
Typing Exam Recruiter Package

Typing Exam Recruiter Package 3.1

Published: Jun 01, 2014
Typing Exam Recruiter Package. Typing Exam Software Package for Recruiter.

Tags: Devlys Font Hindi Typing Tutor - Devnagri Hindi Typing Tutor - Hindi English Typing Tutor - Hindi Typing Master - Hindi Typing Tutor - Kruti Dev Font Hindi Typing Tutor - Typing Exam Recruiter Package - Typing Exam Software
Price: $500.00 (Shareware) Size: 11.0 MB Site: (Smart Softwares) More info Download
TypingMaster Pro

TypingMaster Pro 7.00

Published: May 03, 2006
What if you could write your emails and reports with ease and in half the time? Learn to touch type and you can! TypingMaster Pro for Windows is a personal typing tutor with 5 typing courses, typing tests, dynamic reviews, games and our unique Satell

Tags: Keyboarding - Learn Typing - Touch Typing - Typing - Typing Lessons - Typing Trainer - Typing Tutor
Price: $39.90 (Shareware) Size: 4.4 MB Site: (TypingMaster Inc.) More info Download
Touch Typing Deluxe

Touch Typing Deluxe 1.2.40

Published: Mar 14, 2008
This typing tutor teaches touch typing in 22 lessons. Six different lesson types and a detailed result analysis provide diversified and effective training. An intelligent free writing mode is available. The programme is server and network compatible.

Tags: Learn To Type - Touch System - Touch Typing - Touch Typing Tutor - Typewrite - Typewriting - Typing - Typing Tutor
Price: $21.50 (Shareware) Size: 2.7 MB Site: (Vinarski IT Services) More info Download
Type Inspector Pro

Type Inspector Pro 1.0.149

Published: Aug 03, 2006
Imagine how it would be if you could type as fast as you think and not worry about the errors! The time you save is yours to spend. With Type Inspector as your personal typing tutor you can achieve speeds as high as 80 words/min. Learn touch typing w

Tags: Keyboard - Learn Typing - Professional Typing - Touch Typing - Tutor - Typing
Price: $39.90 (Shareware) Size: 5.9 MB Site: (7th arc d.o.o.) More info Download
Type O'Key

Type O'Key 1.2

Published: Aug 03, 2007
Type O'Key multilingual typing tutor is a convenient way to learn the efficient touch-typing system. This program supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts: they are taken directly from keyboard driver and will be changed if you change them.

Tags: Keyboard Trainer - Keyboard Training - Learn To Type - Typing Lessons - Typing Software - Typing Tutor
Price: $17.50 (Shareware) Size: 510.0 KB Site: (TypeOKey) More info Download
Better Typing (without learning)

Better Typing (without learning) 1.0

Published: Jul 10, 2007
Touch typing (with 10 fingers) without learning

Tags: Dvorak - Keyboard - Spell Check - Spell Checking - Touch Typing - Type - Typing - Typing Skill - Typing Speed - Typing Test
Price: $5.00 (Shareware) Size: 832.5 KB Site: (Giletech e.K.) More info Download
Letter Chase Typing Tutor

Letter Chase Typing Tutor 3.71

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Letter Chase Typing Tutor is a full featured typing program that uses a visual method to teach the location of the keys.

Price: $19.40 (Shareware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (D R Software) More info Download
MultiLang Typing Tutor

MultiLang Typing Tutor 0.0.1

Published: Apr 29, 2012
Aim of this project to create light weight multi language typing tutor which later can beat any commercial typing tutorials.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 264.2 KB Site: ( More info Download
Arcade Typing Tutor for Mac OS

Arcade Typing Tutor for Mac OS 2.0

Published: Sep 07, 2012
This colorful program is the most entertaining way to learn how to type on your Mac.

Tags: Arcade Typing Tutor
Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.1 MB Site: (Rivulus Software) More info Download
MaxType PRO Typing Tutor

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor 2. 8. 1931

Published: Apr 17, 2012
Learn how to touch-type and increase your typing speed in quick and effective way!

Tags: Learn Keyboarding - Learn To Type - Learn Typing - Touch-typing - Typing Tutor
Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 2.8 MB Site: (AskMeSoft) More info Download
Stamina Typing Tutor

Stamina Typing Tutor 2.5

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Amusing, yet multifunctional touch-typing tutor with support for several layouts: QWERTY (US, UK, .

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.3 MB Site: (TypingSoft) More info Download
TypingWeb Free Typing Tutor

TypingWeb Free Typing Tutor 4

Published: Sep 26, 2008
TypingWeb is a free typing tutor giving you the ability to learn the most important foundational computer kill, for nothing.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 283.0 KB Site: (TypingWeb Free Typing Tutor) More info Download
Kitab: An Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor

Kitab: An Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor 0.4

Published: Jun 28, 2012
Kitab is a Java typing tutor for the Arabic keyboard layout.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.5 MB Site: ( More info Download
Makin' Bakon Typing Tutor

Makin' Bakon Typing Tutor 0.3.2

Published: Apr 27, 2012
Makin' Bakon is a typing tutor game written in C++ with STL and Curses.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 240.6 KB Site: ( More info Download
TypeFaster Typing Tutor

TypeFaster Typing Tutor 0.4.2

Published: Apr 07, 2012
A typing tutor that teaches you to touch type.

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.8 MB Site: ( More info Download
Catchysoft Typing Test and Tutor

Catchysoft Typing Test and Tutor 1.02

Published: Sep 25, 2008
Catchysoft Typing Test and Tutor is a touch typing tutor.

Price: $15.00 (Shareware) Size: 3.8 MB Site: ( More info Download
TypingQueen - Typing Tutor

TypingQueen - Typing Tutor 6.1

Published: Sep 25, 2008
The knowledge of touch typing has become inevitable today in the use of computers.

Price: $14.95 (Shareware) Size: 3.3 MB Site: (Giletech e.K.) More info Download
KP Typing Tutor

KP Typing Tutor 6.0

Published: Sep 25, 2008
A number of modules let you practice basic typing course, sentences, or longer text.

Price: $17.00 (Demo) Size: 1.7 MB Site: ( More info Download

VerseQ 2008.7

Published: Aug 19, 2012
VerseQ touch typing tutor, a new step in touch type learning technology.

Tags: Fast Typing - Keyboard - Keyboard Trainer - Touch Typing - Type Fast
Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 6.8 MB Site: (VerseQ team) More info Download
Advanced Speed Typing

Advanced Speed Typing 2.92

Published: Feb 14, 2013
Advanced Speed Typing is a full featured typing tutor that uses animated hands to teach the location of the keys.

Price: $19.40 (Shareware) Size: 1.9 MB Site: (D R Software) More info Download

Typing Tutor

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