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  • CATraxx   (Stephan)

    It was very good for me to organize my music collection. Unfortunately they are not selling new copies of this program...

  • Jack Free Calculator   (Abir)

    Poor and laggy user interface. It's not the kind I was looking.

  • Bus Driver   (Patrick)

    Realistic sounds and graphics. Enjoyed this game very much. I will surely play this again.

  • AdiIRC   (Luke)

    Excellent IRC client. Does exactly what it promises.

  • Driver Fusion   (Warner)

    It's really good, will help you to manage your drivers efficiently.

  • Bike Mania   (Narayan)

    This is not exactly racing game with other bikers which I thought, rather bike riding game. But I enjoyed it very much.

  • RapidTyping Typing Tutor   (Alen)

    Great software. Helped me to improve typing skills. It's one of the best typing tutor software.

  • CAMCOM CHAT   (Joyce)

    If you need simple text chat this is the best one. Video chat is not included on free version but for text chat it's...

  • DipTrace   (Raj)

    Best program to design circuit boards in easy way.

  • Avro Keyboard Bangla Software   (Kamal)

    I learned Bangla typing using Avro. It's really good and useful.

Loan Payment Calculator

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1.  LDR Payment Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... LDR Payment Calculator enables you to easily calculate monthly payments on loans ...

Tags: Loan - Mortgage - Payment Calculator

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 77.0 KB Site: (Debt Consolidation)


2.  Free Loan Calculator 3.0 - Business & Productivity Tools/Calculators & Converters
... This free Loan Payment Calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate and compare Loan payments based upon variable Payment frequency! Offers Daily 365/year, Daily 360/year, Weekly, Biweekly 26/year, Bimonthly 24/year, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual Payment periods. Free Loan Calculator is a financial Calculator designed for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP systems. It offers integrated help, provides automatic hints, and offers Wheatworks' integrated Upgrade Center for easy, free, online ...

Price: $0.00 (Shareware) Size: 850.0 KB Site: (
3.  MoneyToys Loan Comparison Calculator - Web Authoring/Web Site Promotion Tools
... Loan Comparison Calculator lets webmasters add instant interactivity to a web site so users can simultaneously compares up to 4 different Loan scenarios. Easily installed with a few lines of HTML and the MoneyToys Loan Comparison Calculator. ...

Tags: Compare Loans - Loan Comparison - Real Estate Web Site Calculator

Price: $39.95 (Commercial) Size: 675.8 KB Site: (Wheatworks Software, LLC)
4.  Car Payment Calculator Buddy - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Car Payment Calculator Buddy 2.1 free tool to check car payments, check your Payment before you buy a car with this homepage ...

Tags: Calcualator - Car - Check - Free - Insurance - Payment - Quote - Szamody - Tool - Vsisystems

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1024 B Site: (Car Payment Calcualtor)
5.  Auto Loan Calculator - Home & Personal/Personal Finance
... Auto Loan Calculator is a free Microsoft Excel workbook that lets you (1) estimate the amount you'll need to finance when purchasing a car, (2) create a Loan Payment schedule with optional extra payments, and (3) analyze different Loan options. Use the Auto Loan Calculator worksheet to calculate the amount you will need to finance, based on the sales price of the car, destination charges, fees, sales tax, down Payment, cash rebate, and trade-in value of an older auto. Use the Payment ...

Tags: Auto Loan Calculator

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 34.4 KB Site: (Vertex42 LLC)
6.  Car Loan Budget Calculator - Mobile/Finance
... Car Loan Budget Calculator Free is smart, easy to use and simple Calculator, it can be a good famulus if you are going to buy a new car or work as a car factor. Just input some basic data such as, car price, rate, Loan term, other data such as trade-in value, sales tax and down Payment is optional for you to input, then monthly Payment and total Payment will show immediately. You can save the loans which you are interested in, also after you save one Loan, amortization of this Loan will ...

Price: $0.99 (Shareware) Size: 2.5 MB Site: (Maxwell Software)
7.  Mortgage Payment Calculator Lite - Mobile/Finance
... Mortgage Payment Calculator Free is smart, easy to use and simple Calculator, it can be a good famulus if you are going to buy a house or work as a realtor. Just input some basic data such as, house value, down Payment, rate, length of Loan, other data such as insurance, tax and fee is optional for you to input, then monthly Payment and total Payment will show immediately. You can save the loans which you are interested in, also after you save one Loan, amortization of this Loan will show ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 7.4 MB Site: (Maxwell Software)
8.  Canadian Loan Spread Calculator Pro - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Canadian Loan Spread Calculator Pro gives you a unique perspective on borrowing money. It automatically displays financial answers on a two dimension grid as you enter or update Loan variables. You may easily view grids of Loan amounts, interest rates, terms in months, or Payment amounts based upon your Loan variables.Canadian Loan Spread Calculator Pro provides the ability to easily calculate Loan scenarios based upon variable Payment frequency. Offers Daily 365/year, Daily 360/year, Weekly, ...

Price: $19.95 (Shareware) Size: 677.0 KB Site: (Wheatworks Software, LLC)
9.  Calculate My Loan - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Calculate Loan Payment and rates easily with Calculate My Loan. This free powerful financial Calculator shows you an answer grid of Loan amounts, interest rates, terms in periods, or Payment amounts based upon the Loan variables you enter. ...

Tags: Calculate A Loan - Calculate Loan - Calculate Loan Payments - Free Loan Calculator - Loan Calculator

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 553.0 KB Site: (Calculate Loanware)
10.  Rich Payment Calculator - Web Authoring/Misc Tools
... The Rich Payment Calculator from Rich Financial Tools is a Flash Tool for your website, that allows your customers to perform quick and easy Payment Calculations, finding out easily how much they will pay on a periodic basis for a particular Loan or financing service. The Rich Payment Calculator is built on Flash Technology, providing an engaging and rewarding experience for your customers. Additionally, it is totally customizable, for you to adjust it to your site's feel and needs. ...

Price: $0.00 (Demo) Size: 105.0 KB Site: (Rich Financial Tools)
11.  Free Mortgage Payment Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... This free mortgage Payment Calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate mortgage Loan payments. Free Mortgage Payment Calculator is a financial Calculator designed for Win2000/XP/Vista systems. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 829.4 KB Site: (Wheatworks Software, LLC)
12.  Loan and Investment Calculator - Mobile/Finance
... The 'Loan & Investment Calculator' allows you to easily ? calculate your monthly payments for your mortgage or car Loan, ? calculate how much you can borrow, given the monthly Payment you can afford, ? track the account balance and interest growth of your savings/checking account, ? compute how much you need to invest presently, to raise your balance to a desired future amount. The interface is simple and intuitive yet functional. We fully disclosure our computational methods, by ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.5 MB Site: (MathDuck Software)
13.  Loan EMI Calculator Software - Business & Productivity Tools/Other Related Tools
... This software offers a solution to users who want to calculate EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) for a Loan. The input is simple: principal (dollar amount), number of months to pay, interest rate and start date. There are features to save the results as a text file, an Excel file or to the clipboard. ...

Tags: Calculating Loan Emi Excel - Emi Loan Calculator Excel Sheet - Emi Loan Interest Calculator - Equated Monthly Installment Excel File - Excel Save Emi Loan Amount - Loan Emi Interest Breakdown Amount - Monthly Payment For Loan Emi - Saving Loan Emi To File

Price: $19.99 (Shareware) Size: 1.7 MB Site: (Sobolsoft)
14.  Loan & Mortgage Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Calculators & Converters
... Loan & Mortgage Calculator. You can calculate your Loan plan using this tool. Just type your Loan amount, Loan length, annual interest and pay periodicity and you will get the detail of your Loan Payment. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 483.0 KB Site: (
15.  Colorado Home Mortgage Loan Principal Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Colorado Home Mortgage Loan Principal Calculator allows you to see into the future, allowing you to view the remaining balance of your home mortgage after several months or years of payments. By entering your amount, interest rate, length in years and months paid you will be able to determine your home mortgage Loan principal. This Colorado Home Mortgage Loan Principal Calculator will even show you a Schedule Table output with an Mortgage Analysis, it's so handy that it will even print out a ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1000.0 KB Site: (AMERICAN FINANCING)
16.  Mortgage Payment Calculator - Educational/Mathematics
... Mortgage Payment Calculator is a completely free and easy-to-use financial software. This is an essential tool to estimate monthly expenses on your mortgage: interest payments, property taxes and private mortgage insurance. ...

Price: $0.00 (Demo) Size: 1.1 MB Site: (
17.  LoanSpread Loan Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Compare 135 different loans at once with LoanSpread Loan Comparison and Amorotization Calculator. Whether you're interest in the time value of money or in a specific Loan for a home, auto, boat or consolidation Loan, LoanSpread shows you the big picture on borrowing money! Then look at the details with the new Loan Summary feature which drills down into the details of any Loan you choose showing you the finer points of a particular Loan. And now, generate monthly and annual amortization ...

Tags: Calculate Interest Rate - Compare Loans - Loan Calculator - Payment Calculator - Time Value Of Money

Price: $39.95 (Shareware) Size: 2.6 MB Site: (Wheatworks Software, LLC)
18.  SMART Mortgage Calculator - Mobile/Utilities
... Download this free, fast and easy mortgage Calculator to calculate a proposed house Payment on any Loan type...even add in real estate taxes and insurance to better estimate your home Loan Payment. Imagine being able to figure out the exact house Payment....even while you are standing in the home! Easily contact your preferred mortgage Loan officer and access up to date market information right from this intelligent app as well. Plus you can link right back to their website to start your secure ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 10.1 MB Site: (MySMARTblog LLC)
19.  Browse4Houses Loan Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Browse4Houses presents a simple, easy-to-use Loan Calculator, which has been developed in-house and is given away completely FREE! The interface is straightforward and has been designed to be quickly understood.The Browse4Houses Loan Calculator does one job - and one job only - which is to calculate the monthly Payment over a set number of years, given a Loan amount and interest rate. PLEASE NOTE: the Loan Calculator is provided for purely illustrative/entertainment purposes only. Anyone ...

Tags: Flats - Houses - Interest Rates - Loan Calculator - Loans - Mortgage Calculator - Mortgages

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.3 MB Site: (Houses)
20.  LoanExpert Plus - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... LoanExpert is your complete Loan and mortgage Calculator and analysis tool for Palm OS® handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! Calculate interest rate, price, down Payment, Loan length, interest only loans and more! Save scenarios for easy Loan comparisons. Keep track of multiple loans and mortgages. Generate amortization tables. Supports US and Canadian calculations. Includes Palm and Pocket PC / Windows Mobile apps. ...

Tags: Amortization - Amortize - Car - Car Loan - Home Mortgage - House Mortgage - Lender - Loan - Mortgage - Real Estate

Price: $24.99 (Demo) Size: 4.6 MB Site: (WakefieldSoft, LLC)
21.  Car Deal Calculator - Mobile/Finance
... Not just a Payment Calculator! This application is designed to give the buyer of a vehicle the ability to figure not only payments, but the actual deal itself. You have the ability to calculate the out the door price based your input of : -Selling price -Doc / Prep fees -Sales tax percentage -Plate and Title fees -Trade in value and payoff -Cash down / Rebate -Length of Loan in months -interest rate percentage. When you put these numbers into the Calculator, you will get the ...

Price: $0.99 (Shareware) Size: 307.2 KB Site: (gregory mazerov)
22.  LoanShark - Business & Productivity Tools/Accounting & Finance
... Mortgage Loan income and amortization management ... track monthly, biweekly, weekly or random mortgage payments ... provisions for penalty or late fees, additional principal, apply escrow taxes and or insurance payments received and disbursed ... unlimited accounts ... includes Loan Payment Calculator ... view and print Payment history for any given timeframe ... total or yearly summary reports of principal and interest received, mortgage Payment coupons and more. ...

Tags: Amortization - Interest - Lender Software - Loan - Loan Management - Mortgage - Payments

Price: $89.00 (Shareware) Size: 5.6 MB Site: (Data Designs)
23.  Scabery Expression Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Math & Scientific Tools
... A very usable multifunctional scientific expression Calculator. While using Scabery Expression Calculator, you will never get confused in your calculations as you will always see all the expressions you are calculating as well as the current operation. Scabery Expression Calculator contains the history of calculations that you can always save into a file and then load from the file if necessary. Scabery Expression Calculator can save an unlimited number of variables that can also be saved into a ...

Tags: Base - Calculator - Converter - Expression - Loan - Mortgage - Scientific

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.6 MB Site: (Scabery)
24.  Real Estate Calculator Suite - Business & Productivity Tools/Other Related Tools
... Home buyers, if real estate and mortgage math stress you, Real Estate Calculator Suite is the help you need! In addition to 16 real estate calculators, Real Estate Calculator Suite includes sample text for closing credit accounts, a Documentation List to help you gather your paperwork, a Movers To Do List, a Home Inspection form to help you review potential homes, a Fraction/Decimal Conversion Chart and useful tips for home buyers and sellers. Real Estate Calculator Suite includes 2 Quick ...

Tags: Calculator - Financial - Financial Calculator - Financial Scenario - Payment - Prepayment Savings

Price: $39.95 (Shareware) Size: 1.8 MB Site: (Wheatworks Software, LLC)
25.  Mortgage and Loan Calculator Analyzer - Business & Productivity Tools/Calculators & Converters
... The Mortgage & Loan Calculator Analyzer is designed to help you track in great detail several mortgages and loans. On a basic level, the program acts as a mortgage Calculator allowing you enter basic mortgage parameters like principal, interest rate, Payment cycle, compound rate, and term (years). The program will then calculate the monthly Payment as well as produce an amortization table showing you the interest and principal paid for each Payment. Key to the heart of the mortgage program is ...

Tags: Amortization - Analyze - Arm - Bi-weekly - Calculator - Compound - Cycle - Fixed - Interest Rate - Loan

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 847.7 KB Site: (Debt Management Tool by TSI)
26.  Mortgage Prelude - Business & Productivity Tools
... This easy-to-use program will save you countless time and hassle by determining how much of a Loan you are qualified for BEFORE you ever have to fill out a Loan application. It uses the guidelines set forth by the Federal National Mortgage Association (a.k.a. Fannie Mae) to determine the Loan amount you are qualified for. In fact, the Fannie Mae Guidelines are likely the same ones your lending company is using. Mortgage Prelude will make the process of obtaining a Loan as easy and quick as ...

Tags: Cash Flow Analysis - Financial Calculator - Financial Planning Software - Financial Software - Investment Calculator - Investment Software - Loan Calculator - Mortgage Calculator - Payment Calculator - Real Estate Calculator

Price: $10.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.5 MB Site: (NorthStar Solutions)
27.  HomeLoanCalPro - Mobile/Finance
... This application easy to calculating the monthly payments for Home Loan, Auto Loan or Other Loans. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Features:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::Monthly Payment Calculator::::::: - Monthly Payment - Interest Paid - Total Paid ********************************* :::::::Loan Terms Calculator::::::: - Loan Terms - Interest Paid - Total Paid ********************************* :::::::Auto Loan Calculator::::::: - Monthly Payment - Interest Paid - ...

Price: $0.99 (Shareware) Size: 1.3 MB Site: (Montri Inthachot)
28.  MoneyGreen Mortgage Calculator - Business & Productivity Tools/Calculators & Converters
... Mortgage loans are the basis of home buying and the general home ownership experience. When it comes to purchasing real estate, the accuracy of mortgage Loan calculations is something you want to be sure of, especially given the wide variety of mortgage types and Payment options, which can often be very confusing. If you are seeking an easy-to-use, affordable and elegant solution that offers full insight on your long-term Payment schedule, make sure you don't miss Mortgage Calculator! ...

Tags: Adjustable Rate - Apr Calculator - Arm - Balance - Bank - Calculator - Closing Costs - Credit - Extra Payments - Finance

Price: $25.00 (Shareware) Size: 3.6 MB Site: (MoneyGreen Software)
29.  Calculate Loan - Mobile/Finance
... Tired of several non-reliable calculators for EMI? Exactly how much EMI would one have to pay? Just enter the values for Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Months and this mobile app will detail all desired home Loan calculations. For those who didnt know 'Equated Monthly Installments' (EMIs) are the once-a-month Payment that one needs to recompense to pay off personal, or home or other loans. On a chosen date of every month, an amount is deducted from your account in order to pay off the complete ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.6 MB Site: (Shapia Software Solutions Private Limited)
30.  VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer Home Ed - Home & Personal/Personal Finance
... VehiCalc Car Loan/Lease Analyzer allows you to quickly calculate lease and Loan payments as well as compare the true overall cost of your lease versus purchase. This will allow you to determine whether leasing truly is the better option even if the Payment amount is significantly lower than borrowing. Prepared to be surprised! Want even more money saving tools? The Loan Amortization Schedules included allow you to generate flexible schedules that allow extra, skipped and varying Payment amounts. ...

Tags: Car Payment - Compare Financial Vehicalc Quikcalc - Lease Loan Calculator - Slateboard Amortization

Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Size: 7.7 MB Site: (Slateboard Software Inc.)

Loan Payment Calculator

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