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Processing Web Form

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1.  Arclab Web Form Builder - Web Authoring/Advanced HTML Editors
... Arclab Web Form Builder makes it easy to create HTML/php forms and email the Form submission as Text, HTML or XML. The HTML Web Form generator supports single- and multi-page php forms with autoresponder and file uploads. Create your email contact Form, support Form or custom mail Form right away on your own PC and upload it to your Web. The visual workspace lets you fill the Web Form with all types of input fields, static elements and custom code. Arclab Web Form Builder is highly flexible and ...

Tags: Autoresponder - Contact Forms - Email Form - File Upload - Html Form - Multi Page Forms - Php Form Generator - Php Web Forms - Web Form Builder - Web Form Software

Price: $49.95 (Shareware) Size: 2.3 MB Site: (Arclab Software GbR)


2.  es Web Form SPAM Protection - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Web Form SPAM Protection is an utility, which protects forms against to be scaned, analysed and used to send SPAM emails. It encodes source code of Form, so that Form spiders cant work with it and cant use it to distribute SPAM emails. Web Form SPAM Protection can work both with HTML documents (they can be located in internet or on the local computer) and with separate source code of Form. ...

Tags: Anti Spam - Form - No Spam - Protection - Spam - Web

Price: $24.95 (Shareware) Size: 412.0 KB Site: (eniksoft)
3.  Web Form filler IEFillForm - Internet/Browsers
... IEFillForm this is easy and comfortable Web Form filler. It allows to fill a Web Form and single fields with one mouse click. When it is turned on, it adds its own items in context menu of Web page. You need to click with right mouse button within the Web Form or in the one of its fields and you will see standard context menu of the page with added items of IEFillForm. Unlike other Form fillers, IEFillForm allows to use cascade menus and also it is possible to turn it on/off "on the fly", ...

Tags: Context Manager - Filler - Web Form

Price: $15.00 (Shareware) Size: 466.2 KB Site: (Shestakov Victor)
4.  Omnistar Form Builder - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Omnistar Form Builder is a powerful Web site Form builder program developed by Omnistar Interactive. It was developed to give businesses and organizations the ability to effectively build Web site Form Builder without doing any programming. Prior to the development of this dynamic solution, Omnistar Interactive did an extensive needs analysis to assess the overall needs of businesses and organizations. It was through this research that all of the products functionality was developed. Save ...

Tags: Form Builder - Web Form Builder

Price: $87.00 (Commercial) Size: 4.9 KB Site: (Omnistar Interactive)
5.  php Form processor - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... PHP Form Wizard is a powerful tool that creates a PHP script to process any Web Form, it makes all necessary validation, to check that your visitor had filled all values correctly, it can handle File uploads, send email to Form owner with all submitted data and a personalized confirmation email to your visitor (auto responder) and store Form data in a text file or in a Mysql database, it can also create MySQL database ...

Tags: Auto Responder. - Form Processor - Form Processors - Mysql - Mysql Form - Php - Php Form - Php Form Processors - Web Form

Price: $28.00 (Shareware) Size: 6.7 MB Site: (softgalaxy)
6.  FastRequest HelpDesk - Web Authoring/Misc Tools
... FastRequest HelpDesk- Workorder, Web Form and HelpDesk software. Al-in-one. FastRequest HelpDesk is the first Work Order software or help desk software to allow the creation of customized Web forms or online service request (Checkbox, Radio Button, Text Box, Drop-down List). You can create your own service requests Form customized within a few minute without any programming. Customized or personalized your forms are easily. You can easily create custom forms with the Form generator or ...

Tags: Biomedical Helpdesk - Cmms - Crm Helpdesk - Help Desk - Helpdesk - Helpdesk Online - Online Form - Online Service - Online Service Request - Service Request

Price: $178.00 (Shareware) Size: 46.9 MB Site: (FullData inc.)
7.  Web Form - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Web Form Toolbox is an Internet business tool, which is valuable to individuals, small businesses, corporations and organizations that need to process a varied number of Web forms. Web Form Toolbox facilitates the receipt and further Processing of all types of forms: Order forms, User registration forms, Subscription forms, etc. It also automates preparation of e-mail responses, and mass e-mailing to Web Form users. ...

Price: $79.00 (Demo) Size: 1.1 MB Site: (EGLUM SOFTWARE)
8.  DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL - Programming/Database Tools
... DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL is an efficient and helpful PHP Web Form Creator which allows you to build simple and clean Web Interface for your local or remote MySQL databases. You can easily create forms (Single Forms, Continuous Forms, Datasheet/Table Forms) and their elements for Web Interface. Form Wizard for MySQL supports the following elements: Label, Images, TextBox, ComboBox, Line. DBConvert FormWizard for MySQL provides the bulk of functional capabilities such as PHP-based ...

Tags: Form Builder - Form Creator - Form Generator - Form Wizard - Php Form Creator - Php Web Form - Php Web Form Creator - Web Interface

Price: $99.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.4 MB Site: (DMSoft Technologies)
9.  Spam Blocker For Web Forms - Internet
... Spam is a great problem for all website owners. Spam Blocker For Web Forms is the great decision of the spam problem. It is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for protection of Web forms from being parsed and used for sending spam emails. Includes adjustable spam filters and anti spam source code protection. If you have a website then you probably have an email address where your visitors may send the messages with feedback, orders and another useful information. Unfortunately, most ...

Tags: Anti Spam Filter - Anti Spam Software - Block Spam - Spam Blocker - Spam Filter - Web Form

Price: $30.00 (Shareware) Size: 788.6 KB Site: (White Stranger Group)
10.  Form Generator script by StivaSoft - Web Authoring/Web Site Promotion Tools
... Contact Form Generator script is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The script allows you to create different Web forms containing text fields, drop down boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas and file up loader or date picker. Using the Contact Form Generator you can create a Web Form for your website that allows your visitors to contact you, subscribe, send feedback and files. Contact Form Generator script is also very easy to install as you only have to ...

Tags: Contact - Contact Form Generator Script - Email - Email Form Builder - Feedback Form - Form - Form Script - Generator - Php - Php Script

Price: $28.00 (Demo) Size: 10.2 KB Site: (StivaSoft)
11.  Personal Web Helper - Internet/Browsers
... Personal Web Helper is a password manager and one-click Web Form filler. All data that you enter into Personal Web Helper is stored locally on your computer. It is NOT stored on any external server. Personal Web Helper does NOT send any spy information. Main Personal Web Helper features: - Personal Data Manager; - Credit Card Manager; - Web Cleaner; - Login Helper; - Form Helper; - Password Generator; - Export User Information; - Import User Information; - User friendly interface. Built-In Web ...

Tags: History Clean - History Eraser - Login Helper - Login Manager - Password Manager - Personal Web Helper

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.3 MB Site: (
12.  Web Form Anti-Spam - Programming/File Editors
... The utility converts HTML code into the Form unreadable by spam bots but also understandable for Internet browsers, so the Web-page visitors will notice no difference from the original unprotected Web Form, making anti-spam protection user-friendly, what makes using it a better practice than widespread CAPTCHA, annoying Web site visitors making them solve the problems of the Web site owners solely. If you respect your guests, the tool is for you. ...

Price: $39.90 (Shareware) Size: 2.8 MB Site: (ZERGE.COM)
13.  Emails Password Recovery Tool - Security/Password Managers & Generators
... Restore Web based email accounts password shopping accounts from auto completed fields online shopping Web Form passwords cached password of email. Password will be recovered instantly using internet explorer password recovery software. If user forgot their websites login password then this software helps user to recover lost passwords. Application support multilingual password. No technical skills are required to operate the software utility. ...

Tags: Auto Completed Fields - Newsgroup - Online Shopping Web Form Passwords - Recover Ie Cached Password - Recovery - Restore All Password - Restore Forgotten Passwords - Restore Ie Passwords - Shopping Accounts From - Web-based Email Accounts Password Recovery

Price: $30.00 (Shareware) Site: (Emails Password Recovery)
14.  Purchase Order Web Form - Utilities/Other Utilities
... Purchase Order Web Form is a simple Web based purchase order system. It uses LDAP as its authentication system and emails a copy of the completed purchase order to the user entering the order and to the finance department. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 33.8 KB Site: (
15.  Web Form Builder - Programming/Database Tools
... Web Form Builder is a standard code generator project that implements a production quality ASP.NET 3.5 application with SqlDataSource as a data access layer. This type of project is perfect for a small to medium size database. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 11g database servers are supported. The generated application is composed of Web user controls that allow selecting, viewing, filtering, reading, and writing of data for each tab. ...

Price: $0.00 (Demo) Size: 460.0 KB Site: (Code OnTime LLC)
16.  SiteMapOrganizer - Web Authoring/Site Management
... SiteMapOrganizer is a powerful Web site map generating and Processing tool that fully simplifies processes of crawling Web site in any accessible Form (HTTP, FTP, Local on Disk), Processing Web site map to fully setting all the parameters of the site map up and generating the Web site map in Form of the xml file format. Create Web site map and set it up what you need in three simple steps: 1. Crawl a Web site in one of three possible accessible Form: HTTP, FTP or Locally on Disk with ...

Tags: Ftp - Internet - Site Administration - Utilities - Web Development - Web Site Crawling - Web Site Map - Web Site Map Tool - Www

Price: $24.00 (Demo) Size: 129.0 KB Site: (
17.  Contact Form Generator by StivaSoft - Web Authoring/Misc Tools
... Contact Form Generator script is an easy-to-use PHP script for creating contact and email forms. The script allows you to create different Web forms containing text fields, drop down boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas and file up loader or date picker. Using the Contact Form Generator you can create a Web Form for your website that allows your visitors to contact you, subscribe, send feedback and files. Contact Form Generator script is also very easy to install as you only have to ...

Tags: Contact Form Generator Script - Email Form - Feedback Form - Form Builder - Form Genarator - Form Script - Php Script - Phpjabbers - Stivasoft - Web Form Builder

Price: $28.00 (Shareware) Size: 126.0 KB Site: (StivaSoft Ltd)
18.  iNetFormFiller Free - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Tired of keeping in mind passwords and wasting your time filling countless Web forms? Get rid of this inconvenience. Just put you personal data into a profile, and let iNetFormFiller do the rest. It would save you from all the routine operations and fill Web-Form of any complexity by one click. Often, online formfilling requires serious efforts from user. Before coming to the main Form you may have to fill several intermediate forms, such as login/password, etc. But the objective gets more ...

Tags: Form Filler - Online Form Tools - Password Keeper - Password Manager - Web Form Filler

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.4 MB Site: (iNetFormFiller)
19.  ScriptArtist - Web Authoring/Misc Tools
... ScriptArtist - PHP & AJAX Code Generator Software for MySQL and able to generate php Form. ScriptArtist helps you save a lot of developing times to create the completed CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, & Delete), easily generates Web forms (email or contact Form) retrieved information from either database fields or user-defined fields, a tons of theme & button styles provided and many more. Key Features: - PHP Code Generator - AJAX Technology Support - Visual Query Builder - Completed CRUD ...

Tags: Ajax Generator - Ajax Grid - Artisform - Contact Form Php - Database Web Form - Email Web Form - Export To Excel - Export To Pdf - Free Templates - Php Ajax

Price: $99.00 (Shareware) Size: 24.6 MB Site: (OctaneSoft Ltd.)
20.  RoboForm (Password Manager) - Internet/Offline Browsers
... RoboForm is the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and Form filling. RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and CNET's Software of the Year. RoboForm makes logging into Web sites and filling forms faster, easier, and more secure. RoboForm memorizes and securely stores each user name and password the first time you log into a site, then automatically supplies them when you return. RoboForm's powerful Logins ...

Tags: Form Filler - Form Filling - Password Management - Password Manager - Roboform

Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Size: 3.0 MB Site: (Repair-and-Secure)
21.  APL Web link collection - Internet/Bookmark Managers
... Create own collection of links suitable for everyday use. Save your favorite links. Automate website log-in and Form filling. Web Link Collection lets you make your own collection of Web links and comments to them, and also write down additional information required for online activities: logins, passwords, Web Form filling parameters, etc. You can treat separate collections just like you treat files in Explorer. There is a built-in collection editor for viewing and editing files. Each ...

Tags: Bookmark Management Solution - Bookmarks - Favorites - Form Filler - Links - Web Link Collection - Web Url Browser

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.7 MB Site: (apl-matrix)
22.  Online Vault - Security/Misc
... Online Vault is a free application that makes logging into websites and filling in Web forms faster, easier, and more secure by eliminating the need to enter information manually. A Password Manager and Web Form Filler are uniquely combined to organize and safely store your data. Online Vault can be set to automatically submit filled in forms or logins. Password Manager lets you generate bullet-proof passwords quickly while protecting them for safe keeping. You no longer have to remember all the ...

Tags: Automatic Login - Form Filler - Online Vault - Password - Password Generator - Password Manager - Web Forms

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 3.1 MB Site: (Xacti)
23.  Xcess IZoom .Net - Programming
... Web server component for adding visual zoom & popup effects to your projects. Add images, text or HTML text Popups to your products, icons, pictures,... Simply by dragging the control from the visual studio toolbar to your Web Form. Crossbrowser & W3C compliant control, Supports : databinding, CSS templates, offset from mouse pointer, many popup directions, custom delays, custom loading messages, url navigation, ... Xcess IZoom.Net, Simple, Proffesionnal Asp.Net Web server control. ...

Tags: .net - Asp - - C# - Control - Controls - Css - Custom - Designer - Effect

Price: $19.00 (Commercial) Size: 112.7 KB Site: (Xcess Company)
24.  Form Tools - Utilities/Other Utilities
... Form Tools is a mature, PHP / MySQL script that provides any existing Web Form with a backend database and a user-friendly interface to manage the submissions, plus a wealth of tools for managing and manipulating your Form data. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.8 MB Site: (
25.  Drag-Drop Form - Security/Encryption Tools
... Drag-Drop Form is a Portable, Password Manager and Auto-Fill tool encrypts your login URL, your username, password and other information such as credit-card number, E-Mail address, phone number and the words and sentences you use frequently. Drag-Drop Form displays a docking window into which you can drag and drop your username, password and other information to the Web Form. Drag-Drop Form can store multiple groups of text and you can drag and drop them to all other OLE-supported, drop-mode ...

Tags: Auto-fill - Encrypt - Fill Forms - Form Filler - Form Filling Software - Password Management - Password Manager - Portable Software - Select Input - Select Input Tool

Price: $22.50 (Shareware) Size: 12.1 MB Site: (AutoBAUP)
26.  Web Login Manager - Security/Password Managers & Generators
... Web Login Manager is an Internet Explorer Password Manager that enables you to automatically log in to your favorite Web sites with just one click. It seamlessly integrated with Internet Explorer and is accessible from a toolbar that becomes a part of Internet Explorer, HTML page context menu or Internet Explorer main menu. Web Login Password Manager saves all login information from Web Form as your profile to protected encrypted location on your computer and easily completes and submits login ...

Tags: Autocomplete Replacement - Autofill - Autologin - Edit Web Forms - Fill Online Login Forms Automatically - Manage Web Forms - Password Managment Software - Remember Passwords - Save Password - Save Passwords

Price: $20.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.5 MB Site: (Amov Research Ltd.)
27.  Webuzo for Form Tools - Internet/Servers
... Form Tools is a PHP / MySQL script that provides any existing Web Form with a backend database and a user-friendly interface to manage the Form submission data. ...

Tags: Form Tools - Webuzo

Price: $25.00 (Shareware) Size: 293.0 MB Site: (Softaculous Ltd)
28.  Clipboard Assistant - Utilities/Clipboard Tools
... Clipboard Assistant is intended for an acceleration and a simplification of text operations via the Clipboard. You can use it while you are writing programs, filling Web forms, making sections of related news items, etc. You can create collections of text clips for using them in other applications. You can use Clipboard Assistant and other applications together, or as an independent full-featured text editor. Every time you copy a text to the Clipboard, Clipboard Assistant stores it in the ...

Tags: Clipboard - Html - Management Download - Text - Web Form - Writing List

Price: $25.00 (Shareware) Size: 740.0 KB Site: (Ixis Ltd)
29.  VersaFCT Web Form Tool - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Create Web Forms and Surveys in minutes! Easy Simple Installation. Simple & Easy to Use Interface. No HTML or Scripting Knowledge Required. Totally Web Based - letting you work via the Internet anywhere in the world. Not Browser Specific - your end users can complete Forms and Surveys using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape. Ability to Create Unlimited Forms and Receive Unlimited Responses. Integrates with versaSRS HelpDesk. ...

Tags: Browser Based - Forms - Free Demo - Online - Surveys - Thin Client - Web Based

Price: $45.95 (Demo) Size: 2.0 MB Site: (VersaDev)
30.  Avant Browser - Internet/Browsers
... Avant Browser is an ultra-fast Web browser. Its user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have steadily improved its reliability. Avant Browser's user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have steadily improved its reliability. Key Features Of "Avant Browser": Multi-Processing: Multi-Processing design offers you a crash-free, ...

Tags: Ad - Avant - Bookmark - Browser - Chrome - Fill - Form - Gesture - Leak - Opera

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.2 MB Site: (Avant Force)

Processing Web Form

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