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  • Wall Street Raider   (Ludvig)

    Interface was complicated to use, some popular stock symbols I entered shows 'Company not available'. Very confusing game.

  • BootRacer   (Iiro)

    I use it to see if my pc booting normally or taking long time. So far it helps me great.

  • Weeny Free Audio Cutter   (Tekle )

    Very easy to use, just select the start time and end time of a audio file and it will cut it conveniently. Great app.

  • Phone-lost/stolen Alerter   (Albert)

    My tecno H5 phone was stolen this morning and I wanted to block it with this program but it won't work.

  • AirMyPC   (Jack)

    Finally Perfect solution to view my documents that are saved on my Windows PC on my big TV screen using the AppleTV.

  • Snappy Bird   (Ravn)

    I love playing it on my phone. Very addictive.

  • WinMend File Copy   (Robin)

    Usable software, accessing it is a bit time consuming. Please add hotkey support if you could.

  • Keyboard & Mouse Locker   (Elias)

    Working fine as it should, very easy to use it.

  • Free Slideshow Maker   (Hron)

    It has also installed some kind of toolbar to show ads.

  • Household Accounting Book   (Ananda Das )

    It's been helpful for tracking income and expense easily. Must try.

Vpn Client Windows

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1.  nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server - Network Tools/Miscellaneous Network Tools
... Windows NFS Client and Windows NFS Server. nfsAxe NFS-server can be installed on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP workstation to share your local drives and folders with other networked users, no matter which operating system they are running on their workstations. Only a NFS Client is required on that system for users to mount your disks as part of their system. nfsAxe NFS Client can be installed on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP workstation. ...

Tags: Labf - Labtam - Nfs Client - Nfs Server - Windows Nfs Client - Windows Nfs Server

Price: $40.00 (Shareware) Size: 6.5 MB Site: (LabF)


2.  TheGreenBow IPSec Vpn Client 5.13 Build - Network Tools/Miscellaneous Network Tools
... Remote Access Needs Your network is constantly evolving as you integrate more business applications and consolidate servers. In that environment, itT+s therefore becoming extremely complex to maintain total security at the network's edge while employees, subcontractors either at home or at the office, are working with customers and partners. They need to have remote access to the company's applications and servers quickly, easily and securely. Presenting TheGreenBow IPSec Vpn Client ...

Tags: Client - Ipsec - Thegreenbow Vpn Client - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Gateway - Vpn Software

Price: $65.00 (Shareware) Size: 4.6 MB Site: (TheGreenBow)
3.  PrivateTunnel Vpn Client - Network Tools/Miscellaneous Network Tools
... Private Tunnel is pleased to release their unique Vpn Client to access their free and premium Vpn services. Surf Safe and Protected ! The unique virtual private network service powered by OpenVPN. Install a Vpn on your computer with such great ease, starting today ! ...

Tags: Free Vpn - Virtual Private Server - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Free - Vpn Server - Vpn Services - Vpn Software - Vpn Windows

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 4.9 MB Site: https: (vpn)
4.  Vpn Tracker for Mac OS - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... The premier Vpn Client for Mac OS X, allowing safe data transfer between your Mac and your remote networks. Vpn Tracker 6 brings the workflow of the mobile user to the foreground. The starting point is the aâ¬sSecure Desktopaâ¬t. Here users documents, Internet addresses, applications and scripts can all be easily organized giving Vpn users the direct access they need most. Every item in the Secure Desktop can be completely configured and linked to any one of the users Vpn connections. ...

Tags: Vpn Tracker

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 35.8 MB Site: (equinux USA, Inc)
5.  Vpn Dialer - Internet/Remote Tools
... Use this product to enable persistent Vpn on your Windows 2000, XP, and Vista machines. The program uses the built-in PPTP and L2TP/IPSec Vpn facility to achieve this result. Nailed-up Vpn architecture improves the manageability of remote systems, and provides your distributed network with a more consistent and seamless access to main network resources. ...

Tags: L2tp Ipsec - Nailed-up Vpn - Persistent Vpn - Pptp - Vpn Dialer

Price: $40.00 (Shareware) Size: 1.5 MB Site: (
6.  Vpn-X Server for Mac OS - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Vpn-X:Java/ Cross-platform P2P/SSL/TLS Vpn solution. Now the Vpn support Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, linux ( x86,x86_64b, loongson 2E/F-Mips), Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard. Supports CPU X86 or PPC), FreeBSD (x86), Solaris 9, 10 (x86/x64,sparc).Vpn-X allow Client has an individual Virtual IP Address.It can help employees on errands use company LAN resource, help your friends access your computer play LAN games, all the network data is encrypted and you can control the special peers to access your ...

Tags: Vpn-x Server

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 6.7 MB Site: (BirdsSoft)
7.  VpnProxy - Internet/Remote Tools
... VpnProxy is a Vpn Proxy Server that allows you to forward connections between Vpn Client and server. With VpnProxy you can:- Establish Vpn connections from/to a network with firewall or NAT without changing the network configuration and jeopardizing the security. - Create and manage rules to control Vpn access in your network.Technical Details:- Supports all Vpn solutions working through PPTP protocol including standard Windows, Unix and Mac Vpn. - Can be run on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003 ...

Tags: Access - Blocks - Firewall - Lan - Pptp - Proxy - Tunnel - Vpn

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 471.0 KB Site: (Initex Software)
8.  GetMyLAN - Internet/Remote Tools
... GetMyLAN - SSL Vpn Client - Easy External Intranet Access.GetMyLAN provides road warriors and business partners with secure access to back-end servers and resources. Our technology gives you protected access to your LAN from anywhere.GetMyLan is very simple to use with nothing to configure on the remote PC. Just log on and you will access your corporate network with up to 256-bits encryption without any of the hassles of traditional Vpn configurations. Users can easily be granted secure access ...

Tags: Ssl Vpn - Vpn

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 849.9 KB Site: (Real Time Logic)
9.  Securepoint Personal Firewall And Vpn Client - Security/Firewall
... The job of your Securepoint PC Firewall And Vpn is to protect a PC fromunwelcome access from the outside and to protect your personal datathereby. Protecting the PC from attacks from the Internet is the mostimportant field of application today. The Securepoint PC Firewallrepresents the intersection between your local PC and the Internet. Italso supervises all transfer of data. The Firewall automatically hidesyour PC. That means it makes the PC invisible for possible attackers andcatches ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (Securepoint GmbH)
10.  sstp-Client - Utilities/Mac Utilities
... A Client implementation of Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) for Linux / Mac OS-X that allows remote access via SSTP Vpn to Microsoft Windows 2008 Server. <br>Establish a SSTP connection to a remote Windows 2K8 server from Linux / Mac OS-X<br>Async PPP support (most distributions provide this).<br>Similar command line handling as pptp-Client for easy integration with pon/poff scripts. <br>Bas ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.9 MB Site: (
11.  Local Vpn Proxy - Utilities/Other Utilities
... The port of Vpn Client cannot be changed under some kind of O.S (such as Win2000, WinXP). By using this proxy, you can specifie a VNP port. It uses the virtual ethernet driver of OpenVPN. For more, please visit ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 207.9 KB Site: (
12.  CDP Cisco Client - Utilities/Network
... CDP Cisco Client is a highly efficient network monitor and troubleshooting tool for network administrator and network engineer. First, CDP Cisco Client is a CDP Client for Windows host. It is able to use the CDP(Cisco Discovery Protocol) to send host information to connecting Cisco devices . CDP Cisco Client (CCC) would produce a CDP Cisco Client Service (CCCS) in the system after CDP Cisco Client is installed . Users could start or stop CDP Cisco Client Service manually through Service ...

Tags: Cdp Agent - Cdp Client - Cisco Client - Cisco Discovery Protocol

Price: $29.95 (Shareware) Size: 1.4 MB Site: (TallSoft)
13.  PresenTense Time Client XP/2000/2003/7 - Internet/Timers & Time Synch
... PresenTense Time Client is a network time Client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It synchronizes your PC system clock to a network time server or local GPS. Supports e-mail and SysLog alarms, redundancy and and can be remotely managed by LanTime Analyser. Supports NTP4 and Free Run as required by NINA. Keeps your computer clock accurate within microseconds. PresenTense Time Client will impress you as it's easy to configure but has an impressive range of options you can configure. Installation ...

Tags: Accurate Network Time - Dhcp - Synchronize Time - Time Client - Time Synchronization - Windows Time Client

Price: $39.95 (Shareware) Size: 4.5 MB Site: (Bytefusion Ltd.)
14.  Null FTP Client Pro - Internet/FTP Clients
... Null FTP Client Pro - The most powerful and easy to use FTP, SFTP (SSH), and FTPS Client. Easy to use user interface: * Drag and drop from Null FTP Client to Windows Explorer * Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to Null FTP Client * Attention to common user habits for intuitive experience * Tabbed connections * Transfer queue * Logically group servers into server groups * Full skin support for a custom look and feel * Automatic updates * Auto remote server folder refresh Fully controllable ...

Tags: File Transfer - Ftp - Ftp Client - Ftps - Sftp - Upload Files

Price: $59.95 (Shareware) Size: 4.2 MB Site: (VisionWorks Solutions Inc.)
15.  AY Gate - Communications/E-Mail Tools
... Internet Email is sent through SMTP servers. Normally, your Internet Service Provider runs an SMTP server for you, but often you cannot use their server for a number of reasons, such as: - You are often on the road and want to use your mail Client for email communications whithout the hassle of finding a correct SMTP server to connect to. - Your Internet Service Provider has severe restrictions on the number of emails you can send and you need to send more (for example, newsletters, ...

Tags: Email - Mail Client - Send Email - Smtp - Smtp Server - Web Server - Web Site

Price: $39.95 (Shareware) Size: 375.9 KB Site: (AY Software Corporation)
16.  ircII EPIC4 For Windows 2.2-231 - Communications/Other
... A port of the popular IRC Client to Windows. Includes an easy to use GUI front end and is fast and secure. Most major ircII scripts for the UNIX/Linux version can be used with this Client easily. Includes full documentation. ...

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 1.8 MB Site: (The Summit Open Source Development Group)
17.  Export Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail - Utilities/File & Disk Management
... Do you search best utility to export Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail then don't go anywhere because PCVARE has provided a perfect solution for exporting the data from Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail. Outlook Express 2 Windows Live Mail Exporter Software export Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail within short span of time. Using this program you can export messages from Outlook Express 2 Windows Live Mail with batch conversion mode and also get all attachments, formatting, Meta data ...

Tags: Export - Export Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail - Express - From - Live - Mail - Messages - Outlook - Outlook Express 2 Windows Live Mail Exporter - Windows

Price: $69.00 (Shareware) Size: 665.2 KB Site: (Export Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail)
18.  Import Emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook - Utilities
... Want to access or use all your email messages of Windows Live Mail in Outlook email environment? If yes then get the HOT EML to PST Converter @ Birdie Software, this utility effectively permits you to import emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook with all email's data, folders, etc. Our Windows Live Mail Converter program completely converts email files from Windows Live Mail, which is the default email Client of Windows 7 to Microsoft Outlook with all its details like - Email Meta data ...

Tags: Download Birdie Eml 2 Pst Converter - Eml To Outlook - Export Windows Live Mail Emails To Outlook - Import Emails From Windows Live Mail To Outlook - Move Mails From Windows Live Mail To Pst - Windows Live Mail Converter - Windows Live Mail Emails To Outlook

Price: $49.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.4 MB Site: (Import Emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook)
19.  Insistsoft SSL Vpn Server - Internet
... Insistsoft SSL Vpn Server is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Vpn software solution for Windows. It builds a Virtual Private Network on Internet in minutes. No Client hardware or software needs to be installed. With Insistsoft SSL Vpn Server software installed, users can access corporate Intranet from anywhere, anytime and securely. Also Insistsoft SSL Vpn Server can verify userâs certificate to stop illegal hack access. Insistsoft SSL Vpn Server can be used with all TCP/IP servers. Like http ...

Tags: Insistsoft - Insistsoft Ssl Vpn Server - Software - Ssl - Ssl Vpn - Vpn

Price: $69.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.9 MB Site: (Insistsoft)
20.  ViPNet OFFICE - Internet
... ViPNet OFFICE is an IP Vpn and it provides secure Client-to-Client encryption so that mobile workers, home workers, and remote offices can communicate securely over the Internet with a staff at work directly and central Vpn gateway. ViPNet OFFICE is designed as unique Client-to-Client or Client-to-site Vpn software with build-in secure business applications: encrypted Instant Messaging (IM), encrypted file exchange, build-in mail system - a stand-alone solution for a standard e-mail environment ...

Tags: Encryption - Firewall - Internet Security - Personal Firewall - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Gateway - Vpn Server - Vpn Software

Price: $255.00 (Shareware) Size: 27.1 MB Site: (INFOTECS GmbH)
21.  Vpn-X Client for Mac OS - Internet/Tools & Utilities
... Vpn-X:Java/ Cross-platform P2P/SSL/TLS Vpn solution. Client has an individual Virtual IP Address.It can help employees on errands use company LAN resource, help your friends access your computer play LAN games, all the network data is encrypted and you can control the special peers to access your computer or LAN with our powerful Access Control feature. In other words, you can do almost anything LAN can do on internet with Vpn-X,Vpn-X will help you to convert internet to secure LAN.Vpn-X can ...

Tags: Vpn-x Client

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 2.2 MB Site: (BirdsSoft)
22.  iPIG WiFi Hotspot Vpn Security - Internet/Remote Tools
... Using powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology, the iOpus Private Internet Gateway (iPIG) creates a secure Vpn "tunnel" that protects your inbound and outbound communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.) at any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network. iPIG shields your data from even the most sophisticated methods of online spying and snooping like the "Evil twin attacks". In addition, your sensitive information is not only protected between your computer and the wireless access point ...

Tags: 802 11 A B G - Aes - Encryption - Hotspot - Network - Open - Proxy - Public Hotspot - Security - Ssh

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 733.2 KB Site: (iMacros WebSite Testing and Web Scraping)
23.  PortableVPN - Network Tools/Miscellaneous Network Tools
... PortableVPN is the first application which allows you to take your pre-defined PPTP Vpn connection with you, without configuring everything on every computer. Vpn connections are very popular these days and for most people it's too complicated to install and configure all these settings on a computer or to drag your computer with you, when this sounds familiar PortableVPN is the ideal solution. Just install PortableVPN onto your U3 memory pen and take it with you. Most people do not know how to ...

Tags: Host Name - Transfer - Vpn - Vpn Client - Vpn Connection - Vpn Transfer

Price: $20.25 (Shareware) Size: 2.1 MB Site: (Emiel Wieldraaijer)
24.  ShellfireVPN - Security/Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Tools
... Shellfire Vpn for anonymous internet. Free choice between German and US Vpn Server. Unlocks Services blocked in your country. Be safe from all online spies with Shellfire Vpn. Download for free now! ...

Tags: Encrypt Internet Connection - Free Vpn - Hide Ip Address - Private Vpn - Secure Wifi - Shellfirevpn - Surf Anonymous - Vpn - Vpn Client

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 53.6 MB Site: (Shellfire)
25.  VyprVPN for Windows - Security/Encryption Tools
... Golden Frog didn't invent Vpn, we merely optimized VyprVPN for today's broadband connections. Unlike virtually every other Vpn provider, VyprVPN is not an outsourced or hosted solution that relies on third parties to deliver its Vpn service. Golden Frog writes 100% of its Vpn server software, manages its own network, and owns the hardware to ensure your privacy is respected and your Vpn connection speeds are fast. VyprVPN for Windows is an application that automatically configures and ...

Tags: Vpn - Vyprvpn - Windows

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Size: 15.5 MB Site: (Golden Frog Inc.)
26.  DialUp Vpn Password Recovery - Security/Password Managers & Generators
... Dial-Up Vpn Password Recovery is designed for Dialup, Vpn (Remote Access Connections) password recovery. It can recover lost or forgotten passwords for the saved RAS settings. It start working just after the startup. Just run the password recovery tool and you will get whole RAS settings and passwords. It is now able to save the recovered settings and passwords to the text file, so user is able to store settings and migrate to another computer. Key features:- Find out all dial-up and Vpn ...

Tags: Dial-up - Forgotten - Irda - Lost - Password - Recovery - Remote Access Settings - Unlock - Vpn

Price: $9.45 (Shareware) Size: 593.9 KB Site: (A.S.A.P. Solutions Inc.)
27.  Menlo Logic AccessPoint SSL Vpn - Security/Misc
... Menlo Logic AccessPoint SSL Vpn Software provides secure web based access to network resources. AccessPoint has 3 levels of access to data--pure HTML access to web servers, files shares and FTP servers, Java access to Terminal Services, VNC, Telnet and SSH, and a full SSL Vpn Client called Virtual Passage that can be run from the Menlo Logic SSL Vpn portal. ...

Price: $0.00 (Demo) Size: 23.0 MB Site: (Menlo Logic)
28.  Anonyproz OpenVPN Client Installer - Security/Covert Surveillance
... Anonyproz OpenVPN Client Installer software. Description keywords: OpenVPN, secure internet, Vpn, Virtual Private Network, internet anonymity, proxy, internet security, traffic tunneling, traffic securing ...

Tags: Internet Anonymity - Internet Security - Openvpn - Proxy - Secure Internet - Traffic Securing - Traffic Tunneling - Virtual Private Network - Vpn

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (
29.  Anonyproz OpenVPN Client Installer - Network Tools/Miscellaneous Network Tools
... Anonyproz OpenVPN Client Installer software. Description keywords: OpenVPN, secure internet, Vpn, Virtual Private Network, internet anonymity, proxy, internet security, traffic tunneling, traffic securing ...

Tags: Internet Anonymity - Internet Security - Openvpn - Proxy - Secure Internet - Traffic Securing - Traffic Tunneling - Virtual Private Network - Vpn

Price: $0.00 (Freeware) Site: (
30.  Mobile Admin for Nokia - Utilities
... With Mobile Admin, you can solve network problems 24/7 from anywhere that you can take your wireless handheld. Mobile Admin 3.3 is a comprehensive solution with an easy to use interface, offering the ability to securely perform a full range of network management functions. These include Microsoft Windows, Active Directory, Exhange, llS, SQL Server, DHCP, DNX, Cluster Server, Lotus Domino, Novell, Oracle, BES, Citrix, HP iLO, Backup Exec, VMware and RSA from your Nokia Phone, decreasing costly ...

Tags: Mobile Network Administration - Mobile Network Management - Remote Administration - Vmware - Windows Mobile Telnet - Wireless Application

Price: $245.00 (Shareware) Size: 2.8 MB Site: (Idokorro Mobile, Inc)

Vpn Client Windows

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